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Integral reform in Barcelona: Ronda Sant Pau

This week we completed a new integral reform in Barcelona. This time we ordered to rehabilitate property located at Ronda Sant Pau. In it, we used elements like brick roof to restore it and combine it with new elements introduced.

In general, neutral colors were used to paint the walls of most of the floor was installed laminate flooring in a dark wood tone. With this, they get more rooms feeling of spaciousness and light. A pleasant environment for its inhabitants.

Before more detailed aspects of this new integral reform in Barcelona, share a video you can see the overall finished.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen occupied a separate floor for the disposal of its new elements were used as a L distribution. For his design was to combine beige, kitchen furniture, and black counter. In addition, retained the original hydraulic flooring.

The section on the right desk was equipped with a single sink, while in the central part settled a hob. Just below this will fit in the oven. In addition to new equipment, this reform kitchen has storage capacity in both the bottom and top of the countertop.

Bathroom reform

The property has a bathroom and this is completely equipped with sanitary items and brands that offer the best performance.

Thus the bathroom which is fully tiled with beige tiles, has built a toilet with drawers, a toilet and a shower protected by a sliding partition.

Integral reform in Barcelona

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