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Integral reform in Gavà

In Grupo Inventia recently finalized integral reform that were carried out in a house located in the village of Gavà. It was a total refurbishment which improved both the design of the property and the equipment of several rooms. For this, there were, among others, works of installation of flooring and paint jobs.

All improvements will be seen in the next video, which can be seen as fresh and spacious have been achieved thanks to the combination of neutral tones and natural light.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen occupies a separate but its entrance is open, so the visual range of the area is not reduced. We used two distribution fronts, but has an L-shaped counter with which achieves a practical kitchen bar.

On the right side is placed a counter with a sink if one, while the counter on the left settled the hob. In both cases have closets and drawers for storage in both the bottom and top of these boards. Already in the background, were embedded appliances, consisting of an oven, a microwave and a refrigerator.

Bathrooms reforms

The renovated house had two bathrooms were completely renovated using medical equipment or design and much more modern.

The suite bathroom has a design with tiled halfway up the walls with beige and brown tiles, which creates a cozy room. In turn, has a large bathroom with built-in drawers, suspended toilet and a comfortable bath.

Meanwhile, the toilet also features a health facility that offers the best performance, consisting of a sink, a toilet and a shower. As for design, the walls were tiled with tiles painted ivory white and the rest.

Integral reform Grupo Inventia

Grupo Inventia to advise you from the beginning because your integral reform will not miss any detail. Contact us and start enjoying your new home.