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Integral reform in Constitució street

Last week finalized a integral reform in Barcelona that Grupo Inventia has been carried out during the last month. In particular, this was a total renovation of a home located in Constitution street.

This integral reform comprised a total makeover for the house, which rehabilitated the land with parquet flooring and dark wood walls and doors painted so white.

To the kitchen reform, which is kind office, he opted for a modern and completely integrated environment. We chose an L-shaped distribution, which were installed in a wing appliances and ceramic hob for cooking, while the other part was installing the sink. It is a very spacious desk that allows people to perform everyday tasks of cooking smoothly.

In addition, the kitchen reform has a cabinet located under the hob, with several drawers and cabinets, which helps to maintain order and cleanliness.

Also carry out relevant bathroom reform. The small size of this did not prevent qualified with indispensable sanitary parts. Built-in closet with a toilet, a toilet and a shower, make this practical and functional bath room. Thanks to the fact that the shower is placed at the bottom, stay gains in depth and feeling of spaciousness is higher.

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