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Integral reform in Melcior Palau

This week he ended the integral reform that was carried out in a house in the Melcior Palau street of Barcelona. This emphasizes rehabilitation finishes achieved in each of the rooms and especially in the two bathrooms, which the reform has made spectacular results.

Focusing on the work done in each room, kitchen reform left prepared and equipped for proper usability. In the kitchen of elongated circulated L-shaped space, getting all the elements are well distributed without sacrificing space. In the background stood a four hob cooker topped by a hood and on the right, was to install a double sink. With this distribution, the remaining counter is wide and perfect for any kitchen task also was installed under her kitchen cabinet drawers and cabinets intended for storage.

Regarding the bathrooms reform, the main has been equipped with new sanitary parts like toilet oval design on a marble ledge, a toilet and a shower at the back of the room. Besides all the furniture installed, also highlights the color used to paint the walls. In this case the combined white tiles placed halfway up, and the green color than the wall paint was used and remaining in the mosaic that adorns the wall of the shower.

As for the toilet, it also has all the elements. Sink, toilet and shower complete a practical and functional bathroom. For this he followed the same basic decorative white tiles halfway up the wall and painted remaining in this case, red. To give personality was chosen because the furniture that came out of the bathroom wood, material and color that fits perfectly if we want to achieve, as in this case, a fresh and ample space.

For the areas we chose to use neutral colors like white, beige and gray to paint the walls. For the ground parquet of a chose to intermediate a very natural color. Besides all these decorative elements, also rehabilitate all hydraulic and electrical circuit.

If your intent, as the owner of housing Melcior Palau, is to give a modern and functional in your home, just contact us. With your instructions, we will take your 3D design integral reform and we will present a budget, all free of charge and without obligation.Contact us and find out.