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Integral reform in Pallars street

A few days ago that we gave concluded that integral reform were carried out in a house located in Pallars street in the city of Barcelona. It was a total renovation that we improve both the interior design of the property and equipment of all rooms.

As you can see in the video below, we apply a style in which neutral tones prevail, with the aim of achieving bright and spacious rooms. Furthermore, this combined with finishes that fit perfectly as exposed brick walls and flooring installed: hydraulic flooring in the kitchen and parquet flooring the rest of the house.

Kitchen reform

To the kitchen reform, which is open to the living room, used a U-shaped distribution. On the left stood a large kitchen cabinet in which, in addition to offering a large storage capacity, they embed new appliances.

In the center stood the first section of countertop, on which was installed a double sink. Already in the right side, open to the livingroom, they had a second tranche counter that besides being equipped with a hob, offers the perfect space to perform daily intake with total comfort.

Bathrooms reform

This property has two bathrooms, the courtesy and the bedroom suite. To toilet reform we used a tiling halfway beige tiled and painted a softer tone the rest of the wall. This already got a large, bright space that is equipped with a sink with drawers built, a toilet and a shower.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom suite has a bathroom, the main feature of the sink, and double drawers, placed in the same room. In a separate space was placed in the toilet and shower.

Integral reform in Barcelona

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