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Integral reform in Vilamarí street

Just a few hours ago that the integral reforms company Grupo Inventia have been completed for the integral reform of a property located at Vilamarí street. It is a total refurbishment which involved improvements in both the interior design and the equipment of each of the rooms.

Before detailing the most interesting aspects of this new work of integral reform, share their finishes in the next video.

Bright and spacious livingroom

In this integral reform should be used neutral colors to paint the walls in order to generate and enhance the feeling of spaciousness luminosity. However, have also introduced brighter colors like orange or green.

In the case of the livingroom is an open platform with a great natural light. Are combined in the walls neutral colors with laminate parquet flooring in half to timber, which creates a very warm and cozy stay. It also has enough space to place a table for several diners something grateful in a room.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen is located in an open room is organized in two fronts. On the left side are placed a kitchen cabinet in which were embedded appliances: fridge, oven and microwave. On the right side stood a large desk equipped with a single sink and hob.

Furthermore, this kitchen reform has a large storage capacity, since both the bottom and top of the countertop cabinets and drawers were available.

Bathroom reform

The bathroom reform be a full equipped room and offers the best performance. They installed a sink with cupboard, toilet and bath maintained.

As for the interior design of the room, the walls were tiled to half height with beige tiles and painted the same color the rest, generating a greater sense of spaciousness and light.

Integral reform in Barcelona

Having a home equipped and visually perfect is very simple Grupo Inventia. We make no commitment integral reform projects and the quote will deliver for free.