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Kitchen renovation in the Rosselló street

In Grupo Inventia we have completed for a new job in a partial house renovation in the city of Bracelona. This time we can carry out a kitchen renovation of a property located in Rosselló street.

It was a work that was completely to improve both the design and the equipment of this stay. Before commenting on the most interesting details of this kitchen renovation, share a video where you can see the overall finished.

Kitchen distribution

The kitchen is located on a separate floor and square surface, which was used quite a distribution of U-shaped kitchen.

The left side was used to put the appliances and a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. In the center appears the first section of the counter, which settled a four hob cooker. Since the right side is placed a new section of countertop equipped with a sink only if a dishwasher and an oven. These embedded at the bottom. In addition, both boards offer a wide support surface and work.

Kitchen design

Another advantage generated through this kitchen renovation is that was extended storage in the room. Now, there are drawers and cabinets throughout the bottom of the countertop and two storage modules in the upper part of the plant.

With regard to kitchen design, in her predominantly white, used throughout the kitchen cabinet. This is combined with the gray of the hob, control panels and flooring. Meanwhile, the walls were painted white and yellow.

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia you can findfind suitable professionals for that your kitchen reform has everything you need. Contact us and we will inform you without obligation.