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Kitchen renovation in Congrés street of Barcelona

We have recently completed the kitchen renovation that we were carrying out in a house located in Congrés street of Barcelona. After the work carried out, the room looks like a spectacular image in which we have been able to unite design with functionality.

Distribution and kitchen equipment

In this case it is a kitchen that has a large surface area in which a distribution in L. One of the great improvements in this work is that cabinets and drawers have been placed throughout the entire Lower and upper part of countertops.

At the end of the right side the appliances were fitted with a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next is the main countertop section. In addition to offering a wide surface support, it is equipped with a ceramic hob and an individual sink.

This countertop shifts to the left and leads to a second, narrower section, but perfect for use as a surface of support and work.

Kitchen design

In this kitchen renovation, the room was modernized by providing it with the best features through a touch of rustic style. The kitchen cabinet is white and combines perfectly with the beige tones of the countertops and the floor.

A great detail of interior design of the kitchen is the wall, which was tiled with brown and beige tiles that create a very nice optical effect.

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

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