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Partial reform in La Floresta

Barely a few days ago that Grupo Inventia we completed a partial reform in a house located in the town of La Floresta in Sant Cugat del Vallès. In this case rehabilitate parts of the property, improving more than their appearance. Specifically work entry of the house, the bedrooms and the stairs that give access to the upper floor of the house.

In the next video shows the excellent before and after this partial reform.

Hall and bedrooms

The spaces of the hall and the bedrooms showed a very deteriorated. In these cases, paint the walls white and install laminate flooring of wood to clear. With this, we get spaces that generate lots of light and are visually larger.

In the hall we also restore the original door. You now have a much more healthy and is perfectly integrated into the design of this space. Meanwhile, in the bedrooms change the original windows and sliding windows placed much more practical and insulators.


For the stairs that give access to the second we chose wood overlaid with the same tone pavement and we paint the walls white. This now looks much cleaner look and harmonious, which connects with the rest of the new look of the house.

Grupo Inventia reforms

In Grupo Inventia we are specialists in integral and partial reforms. Contact us for further information without any obligation.