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Pool reform and bathroom reform in Sant Just Desvern

Pool and bathroom reform in Sant Just Desvern

Barely a few days ago that Grupo Inventia completed a partial reform to the Barcelona town Sant Just Desvern. This time we have rehabilitated two elements of a house, the pool and the bathroom.

As a company of interior and exterior reforms, we offer the best project to rehabilitate the outside of the house. Before detailing the project, share a video where you can see the details of this pool reform and bathroom.

Pool reform

In this case the owners need to rehabilitate the land outside the pool as the weather had diminished and was even dangerous to walk on it. Our design departments work execution and worked to find the best solution with two major bases: the floor was integrated in the environment and offers the durability possible.

Thus far this pool reform has around with a wooden platform flooring strongly agree with the vegetation that surrounds and very accessible. In addition to placing the new pavement, we can also apply a special product to enhance the resistance of the same wood and, in turn, to embellish it.

Bathroom reform

Moreover also carry out the main bathroom reform, as the owners needed to adapt it to modern design of the house and could not resist our project.

In terms of equipment, we install all elements essential for health bathroom reform offers better performance. Thus the room has a large bathroom with built-in drawers, a pair of toilet and bidet and shower screens protected corner sliding doors.

Moreover, the design used a tiling halfway beige tiled and painted the same to others. This is sought to create a cozy and also generate a greater sense of spaciousness. This last point also helps the transparent glass door was installed and expands the visual space, and allows natural light enters the room.

Pool reform and bathroom reform in Barcelona

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