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Reform terrace in Coll street of Barcelona

Last January we announced the completion of the integral reform that we carried out in Coll street of Barcelona. Today we can show images of the reform terrace.

As our specific services, Grupo Inventia have a team that specializes in exterior reforms, which includes the installation of new flooring, as in this case, roofing and specializing painting.

Before going into detail with the terrace reform we share a video of the interior reform in this house.

Wooden platform

In this case, the flooring choice for this terrace is a wooden platform that covers the entire surface of the terrace. Obviously, it is a composite wood materials resistant to all weather conditions, which drains well water in rainy days and it resists the intense heat.

Installation of pavement

Before placing the wooden platform to which owners can walk comfortably, has been placed by a base beams, also made of wood. Besides contributing to the platform does not touch the ground directly, these beams provide a flat, straight, no higher than one part and avoiding the appearance of nested zones.

Grupo Inventia exterior reforms

Thanks to this new pavement, property owners will enjoy a comfortable terrace with a unique design. If you need to improve the status of your terrace or garden, we invite you to contact with Grupo Inventia, specialists in exterior reforms.