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Prepare a project of interior design in Barcelona

15 November, 2023 · Blog

As a multifunctional renovation and interior design company in Barcelona, our aim is to offer you the best experience in a personalized way. That’s why we can adapt to your decorative style and needs. Together with a team of experienced professionals, we offer you the best options for each space in your home.

Along these lines, repairing a project of interior design in Barcelona involves a series of steps. These will help you efficiently plan and execute the interior design of each space in the home. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to follow so that your interior design project guarantees a perfect result.

interiorismo en barcelona

Collection of information

For an interior design project to work, the first step is to understand the needs of the clients. In this sense, it is essential to hold a series of personalized meetings. This way you will be able to establish which interior design best suits the required style. When offering interior design proposals, it is necessary to understand the objective of the reform.

Main residences are usually renovated for living with the family, although there are also renovations with a commercial aspect. In the first case, you can work with personalized interior designs in Barcelona based on the tastes shown. In the second, we can work functionally, creating timeless spaces within current trends.

From here, an analysis of the space is carried out. We have to confirm that the chosen options are applicable to every space in your home. That’s why we take into account all kinds of details, from the exact measurements to the ventilation and lighting of this house. All this precisely and in direct contact with customers.

Development of the concept of interior design

With all the information collected we create a concept using the elements requested by the customers. Since it is an interior design concept, we try to apply all the improvements and proposals that we think can fit into the project. Obviously we always compare the proposal with those interested.

empresa interiorismo

An important part of the interior design project is defining the style that should guide the project. At this point, our interior designers in Barcelona create floor plans of the current state and of the new layout. In addition, accompany them with 3D renderings in which the approximate final result can be appreciated.

Present the project

A few days have passed since we visited the home to take measurements and shape the project of interior design in Barcelona. Once we have it ready, we will present it to you at an arranged meeting to expose all the improvements we have introduced. At this time you can stay with these proposals or request any changes. Whenever possible we will work so that you have the house of your dreams.

That’s why we consider it vitally important that all the details regarding the interior design are well defined before starting work on the project.

empresa interiorismo barcelona

Interior design in Barcelona

Following this script of actions, the interior design project of your home can only end perfectly. Such a performance needs time and care to achieve an effective makeover.