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Project of house renovation in Badalona

Our renovation company operates both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby towns. This is the case of the new project of house renovation in Badalona that we have completed. We have a wide network of professionals and distributors that allows us to expand our presence in other towns such as Gavà, Terrassa, Sant Cugat and many more.

For this house renovation, they have asked us to update the image of the whole house and equip key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. We are experts in both aspects and have a wide variety of possibilities. In addition, our interior designers are responsible for personalized advice to offer the best options.

We share the result of this renovation in Badalona in the following video. If you follow us on social networks, you will be able to know first-hand all the house renovation projects that we have completed in Barcelona and the nearby area.

U-shaped kitchen renovation

The kitchen is in our own room and is distributed in a U shape. We have made the most of the available space by installing a very complete equipment. We have precisely opted for a practical and mobile kitchen renovation. Now it can offer the best performance in its use.

At the ends of the kitchen we have integrated the new appliances. On the right is the refrigerator and on the left there are custom-made holes to place the oven, the microwave and a washing machine. In addition, we have integrated a dishwasher in the central part. This kitchen renovation in Badalona is very complete.

The worktop is elongated and offers a support and work surface. In turn, we have installed a glass ceramic plate and a sink. Another improvement of this kitchen renovation is that we have expanded the storage capacity. It now has drawers and cupboards both in the lower and upper part of the worktop.

Bathroom renovation

For the bathroom renovation, we have worked with the objective of creating a functional hygiene space for all days of the week. It now has modern equipment that meets the expectations of use. We have also been responsible for adapting the design of the bathroom to achieve a pleasant and fresh space.

This bathroom renovation in Badalona has a floating sink with two drawers for storage. In this way, all bathroom products can be effectively organized. Next to it we have installed a floating toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall. It is an ideal toilet to generate more visual space.

For the water area, we have opted for a floor-level shower tray protected by a transparent screen. All surrounded by a calm and pleasant atmosphere. We have tiled the walls with white tiles that generate a lot of light. A wood imitation ceramic floor has been chosen for the floor.

New interior image

Another of the aspects to be improved in this renovation in Badalona has been the interior image of the whole floor. With the objective of adapting it to current trends, we have worked based on a contemporary style. All this with the daily and personalized advice of our interior design experts.

The color white has been chosen to paint the walls with the objective that natural light can flow easily. We have also installed new white doors, some of them sliding. In this way areas such as the living room or spaces such as the bedrooms are collected in a very cozy environment.

Another of our specialties is the change of pavement, since we have a very wide catalog with a great variety of possibilities. In this house renovation in Badalona we have been responsible for placing a ceramic floor imitating wood. It is a finish that fits very well in contemporary design and that brings warmth to the environment.

House renovation budget

You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your house renovation budget. We will have it ready in a few days and deliver it to you without obligation together with the plans and 3D renderings of the project.