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Renovation and interior design in Badalona

We begin the year 2022 with a new house renovation completed. Specifically, we have traveled to the town of Badalona to improve its image and equipment. At the renovation company Grupo Inventia, we carry out projects both in the city of Barcelona and in the surrounding municipalities.

In addition to the improvements in interior design and facilities, we have also been responsible for furnishing various spaces in the home. Among the services we offer is furniture. We have a wide and varied catalog to be able to meet any type of demand for furniture. In addition, we always offer the best qualities on the market.

The general finishes of this new house renovation in Badalona are shared in the following video. Below we will detail the improvements that have been made to the most important areas of the home. To see and enjoy more renovation work completed we invite you to follow our social networks.

Modern interior design

One of the improvements puts us in the section of the new interior design of the house. On this occasion, work has been carried out on the basis of a modern and contemporary interior design. Most of the walls have been painted white. In this way, spaces have been created that generate a greater feeling of luminosity and spaciousness. For a modern interior design are two essential features.

This is combined with details that do not go unnoticed. One is the volta catalana ceiling that has been restored and painted white. Another of the improvements to the interior design in this renovation in Badalona is the new flooring that has been placed in spaces such as the livingroom, the hallway or the bedrooms. It is a ceramic floor imitation parquet. Visually it is perfect, while it is a durable and durable material.

On the other hand, the livingroom and dining areas have been furnished. A two-seater sofa and a side table have been placed in the first space to place the television. For its part, the kitchen has been placed a table as an extension that has capacity for several diners. In general, they are practical and functional spaces for all kinds of moments.

Open kitchen renovation

The kitchen has also been completely renovated in this flat in Badalona. So much so that it has become an open kitchen with a distribution on two fronts. To the right, open to the livingroom, is a counter that serves as a breakfast bar. It offers a support surface and has a single sink. On the other hand, the dishwasher has been integrated at the bottom.

The main piece of furniture is located on the left side of this kitchen renovation. It is presented in beige and at the end has gaps tailored to integrate appliances. Specifically the fridge, oven and microwave. A three-burner hob has been installed on the counter. Both bottom and top gutter with ample storage capacity.

As it is an open kitchen renovation, the image maintains the modern interior design that has been applied to the rest of the house. That’s why neutral tones have been used in kitchen furniture and other new items. For example the kitchen floor is hydraulic type and draws figures in beige and white.

Bathroom renovations

In this renovation in Badalona we have been responsible for the complete renovation of two bathrooms. Specifically a main bathroom and a toilet. In both cases there is a need for functionality with a correct distribution and new modern toilets. In this way, the bathrooms are ready to offer the best services from day one.

Starting with the cleaning, this has been equipped with a toilet and a circular design sink. An extra daily hygiene space that brings great benefits. On the other hand we have the main bathroom. It also has a new washbasin with storage furniture and a toilet. Add the water area, a shower tray protected by sliding door screens.

The two bathrooms are accessed through a sliding door. It is a perfect element to make the most of the space available. For its part, a very similar bathroom interior design has been used in both. The walls are white to achieve bright and visually spacious spaces. They are combined with a hydraulic type of bathroom floor with which it is possible to endow them with a lot of personality.

Interior design and renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we will work to make the complete home renovation the way you want it. Our catalog of options is very extensive and you can have everything you need. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your project and budget of interior design. We will deliver it to you without any commitment or cost.