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Renovation and interior design for an open kitchen

27 May, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

As a house renovation company based in the sector, at Grupo Inventia we offer a complete service in the renovation and interior design of your home. Within our services, kitchen renovations are among the most in demand. Our experience and the result of our work place us as the best choice in the quality-price parameters.

In addition to offering first-class and warranty equipment for the kitchen, Grupo Inventia professionals also take care of other aspects. The interior design of the kitchen is one of them and we work with a wide range of options. More so if it is an open kitchen that must combine with the overall image of the home.

That is why we are going to comment on several points to keep in mind when renovating an open kitchen. Before we share a video in which we explain how we develop a kitchen renovation project. On our Youtube channel you can also see the same method for bathroom renovations or projects of interior design in Barcelona.

Advantages of an open kitchen

A few years ago the open kitchen was associated with small homes that did not have enough space to house a kitchen in a separate room. However, over the years this concept has changed and the open kitchen has become one of the most requested options.

reforma integral barcelona

Being able to generate more space and visual space in a home is the main advantage offered by open kitchens. With them a more practical and multifunctional space is generated. In addition to being able to perform the tasks of a kitchen, it can also become the ideal area to receive visitors or make relaxed meals.

Interior design for an open kitchen

The equipment section is covered thanks to our catalog of appliances. At this point our interior design professionals work to offer the best solution to the needs of each client. We work with professional and guaranteed kitchen furniture distributors, in addition they offer us a wide range of possibilities.

Connecting the interior design of the kitchen with that of the rest of the house will be very simple. Our options cover all types of colors for kitchen furniture and possible distributions. If your desire is to have an open kitchen, your image can be easily integrated and combined with the pavement of the other rooms or the color of the walls.

reforma integral

Kitchen renovation and interior design

At Grupo Inventia we put at your service the best interior design professionals in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Thanks to our project you will have an equipped and functional kitchen, in addition to having an image in line with the interior design of the entire home. We prepare your most budget project for free and without obligation. To request it you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill out this contact form.