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Renovation and interior design in Gran de Gràcia de Bracelona

In the renovation company Grupo Inventia we have completed a new job in a house located in Gran de Gràcia in Barcelona. We have been responsible for improving the image of all its spaces by applying a new, more current interior design. In the same way we have also restored original elements that have been integrated into the new design.

A work of renovation and interior design that has also led to an improvement in the facilities of the entire building. Now the home is ready to be furnished and offer the right benefits that are presupposed to a home. In the following video that we also share on our Youtube channel you can see the general finishes.

Painting and interior design work

In our interior design company we work with a wide selection of interior paints for the home. In this way we can adapt to the styles requested by our customers and offer them several alternatives for the new image of your home. This time we have worked with a type of painting capable of bringing modernity and that was able to embrace the original elements that were to remain.

With these premises, we have opted for a white paint capable of generating very bright and visually spacious spaces. In the same way that together with the rest of the elements it will generate welcoming and warm environments. In this case there are large entrances of natural light and thanks to the white color it can expand to every corner of the house.

Restoration of floors and ceilings

In addition to improving the interior design and facilities of this house we have also restored several of the original elements. In this aspect the pavements and ceilings of all the rooms stand out. We have the right professionals for this type of work and we guarantee the best result.

In the case of the pavements it has been chosen to keep the original hydraulic floors and that contribute an image with a lot of personality. Its union with the new color and finishes of the rooms generates a unique image. In the house there are several floors with different designs that combine perfectly. It is now presented as a renovated home and maintaining the essence of classic interior design in Barcelona of yesteryear.

Another element restored in various space is the ceiling. Work has been done on the maintenance of Catalan vaulted ceilings that further enhance the cozy atmosphere of the home. It is also a very popular item, so if you have it original keep it is a great option. When adapting the ceilings, some lights have also been installed that are camouflaged on a shelf. In this way a very effective and discreet lighting is achieved.

Renovation and interior design work in Barcelona

The goal of Grupo Inventia is to offer you the best solutions for your new home. We develop custom and customized renovation and interior design projects. We work with a wide variety of options and adapt to all styles and budgets. To request your budget for renovation and interior design in Barcelona you can fill out this form or call us at 93 209 97 17.