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Renovation and interior design project in Barcelona: before and after

One of the most recent jobs we have completed is that of a flat located in Sant Frederic street in Barcelona. In this location we have carried out a complete project of house renovation and improvement of interior design in Barcelona. We have been in charge of improving all aspects both at the level of interior image and facilities.

Thanks to team work we have managed to turn a disused flat into a real home. For this we have applied the latest trends in interior design and installed modern and highly functional equipment. In this way, every space in the house is ready to offer the best performance from day one.

To be able to see the work of renovation and interior design in Barcelona, ​​we compare the before and after in the following video. So you can appreciate all the changes and the great work of the professionals of the renovation company Grupo Inventia. To learn more about completed projects, follow us on our social networks, we update them daily.

Kitchen open to the living room

One of the most visible improvements is the kitchen renovation. In this projecti of renovation and interior design in Barcelona, ​​the kitchen has changed location. It has gone from being in an independent space to being open to the living room. It is now in the main area of ​​the house and connected to other key spaces.

The kitchen is distributed on two fronts and has a bar that functions as a dining area. This kitchen bar also offers a large support and storage surface. The kitchen furniture is linear and has several drawers and cupboards in the lower and upper part of the worktop. In addition, the new appliances have been integrated: oven, microwave and refrigerator.

Being an open kitchen, the overall image of the rest of the floor has been maintained, especially the living room area. In this way, the kitchen furniture is white and responds perfectly to the contemporary interior design that we have applied. A personalized detail is that a piece of wall has been tiled with gray bevelled tiles.

New bathrooms

In this aspect, the original bathroom has been renovated and a new one has been created. Both are fully equipped and complement each other perfectly. It is a bathroom renovation that meets both daily needs and more relaxed moments. Thanks to our resources and experience we have achieved two perfect hygiene spaces.

As for the sanitary equipment, both have the same new pieces. On the one hand, we have a sink with built-in storage furniture and a toilet with modern lines. The water area also joins them. For this, a shower tray has been chosen that is protected by sliding door screens.

Work has also been done on the new bathroom interior design. They follow the modern and contemporary line, although with personalized and unique elements. In the two bathroom renovations, the walls have been tiled at medium height with neutral-toned tiles. Two hydraulic type floors have been chosen for the new floor, which generate a lot of personality.

Interior design in Barcelona

In our company, we are known for doing excellent kitchen and bathroom renovations. We also have a department of interior designers in Barcelona specializing in decoration and interior design. In this way we can offer 360º reform projects that improve all the spaces of a flat or a house.

This project of renovation and interior design in Barcelona, ​​we opted for a contemporary image with neutral tones. In this way we have managed to create spacious, bright and very welcoming spaces. Areas such as the living room or the bedrooms are now ideal spaces for socializing and resting.

Most of the walls have been painted in a soft shade of beige. It is a suitable shade for natural light to flow throughout the house. The new doors are white and create a pleasant contrast. A new laminate parquet floor has also been installed in medium tones of wood.

House renovation budget

To renovate a home, it is best to count on professionals with proven experience and with visible results. At Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal a team of experts who will advise you at all times. Request information and your renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17. We will have it ready in a few days to deliver without obligation.