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Renovation in Barcelona: Ventura Plaja street

A new house renovation work takes us to Ventura Plaja street in Barcelona. We have taken it upon ourselves to completely update a home. We have improved both the interior design and facilities and equipment plots. After this renovation in Barcelona, the apartment is ready to offer the best services.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovation company, we have been able to offer the best options to owners. For every demand, we have several options that fit the required style. In addition, our professionals offer personalized advice at all times. To appreciate the finishes of this new renovation in Barcelona, we share the following video.

Open kitchen on two fronts

In the kitchen renovation we can see one of the big changes in this home. It has become an open kitchen with a distribution on two fronts. It is now seamlessly connected to other areas of the house and offers excellent mobility. In general, it is a modern and functional kitchen.

In the main part we find an elongated desk that offers support and work surface. We have also equipped it with a glass ceramic plate. Just below we have integrated the oven, in a piece of kitchen furniture that provides storage capacity. Above the cooking plate we have installed a design extractor hood in black finish. At the far left, the fridge is hidden by the doors of the kitchen cabinet itself.

Right in front we have placed a kitchen bar that functions as a dining area. By enabling some kitchen stools we get an ideal space for breakfasts and meals. The counter is wide and equipped with a sink. Underneath there are cupboards for storage and we have also integrated a dishwasher.

Interior design and furniture

It is a complete house renovation and we have taken it upon ourselves to improve the interior design of all spaces. We opted for a contemporary style with neutral tones that enhance the feeling of warmth. For this reason, we have painted the walls beige, a color that can be combined with various finishes.

We can see the good adaptation with the pavements. In the kitchen and bathrooms we have placed a hydraulic type floor. For their part, the bedrooms have a parquet floor. In both cases they combine perfectly with the beige color of the walls and with the new white doors.

As part of the project of interior design in Barcelona, we have also been responsible for furnishing most of the flat. In the living room we have placed a multi-seater sofa and anchored the television to the wall. At the same time, we have already connected the Internet facility. The bedrooms have a bed, a wardrobe and a work area. Our goal is for you to enjoy your new home from day one.

Functional bathrooms

We have also taken care of bathrooms renovation. These are bathroom spaces fully equipped and ready to offer the best services. As for the sanitary equipment, each has a toilet with storage furniture, a sink and a shower tray. The water area is protected by screens with sliding doors.

In this bathroom renovation, we have also applied a new design. The walls have been tiled with white meter-type tiles. In this way we have achieved two bright stays with a greater feeling of spaciousness. For the bathroom floor, we have kept the kitchen floor, a hydraulic-style floor.

Renovation budget in Barcelona

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