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Renovation in Barcelona: before and after in Portugal street

We have been responsible for applying a new image and installing new equipment in a flat located on Portugal street in Barcelona. We have worked to make it go from simply a flat to a real, fully functional home. Now this house is suitable for current needs and according to trends.

Comparing the before and after this renovation in Barcelona we can appreciate the great work of our professionals. All the spaces have been improved significantly highlighting key areas such as the kitchen or rest spaces such as the bedrooms. Now this house is ready to offer the best benefits from day one.

We share all the changes we have applied in this renovation in Barcelona in the following video. Follow us on social networks and learn about all the projects we have completed in Barcelona and nearby towns. In addition, you can contact us in a more direct and personal way.

New kitchen

One of the outstanding changes in this house renovation in Barcelona is the kitchen. It is now an open kitchen and connected to other spaces on the floor. A big change compared to its original location in an independent space. The new kitchen offers excellent mobility and has a functional layout.

The kitchen has two L-shaped countertops and the new elements of this kitchen renovation are placed on them. In the left part there is a breakfast bar and a worktop equipped with a sink and a glass ceramic hob. The electrical appliances are grouped in the right part, all integrated in the new kitchen furniture.

They consist of a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave and also a washing machine. In addition, the furniture on the left side has an integrated dishwasher in the lower part. Being specialists in kitchen renovations in Barcelona, we can offer a wide variety of options. It also has a large storage capacity with several wardrobes and drawers.

Modern bathroom renovation

We found the bathroom in its original location. It also maintains the three sanitary pieces, but now it has a much more current image and its equipment is modern and functional. Our range of bathroom renovations allows us to adapt to all types of decorative styles and needs.

In the plot of the image we have taken care of removing the original tiles and placing more contemporary ones. We have replaced the double-height tiling with beige-toned tiles that create a fresh and relaxed bathroom. It is accompanied by a gray ceramic floor and the wooden finishes of the bathroom furniture.

The toilet is one of the new sanitary pieces, along with a suspended toilet and a shower tray. The bathroom renovation has been perfect and is ready to offer the best performance from day one. We work with reliable suppliers and brands to ensure resistance and durability.

Interior renovation

We have also improved the general image of this floor. We have taken care of painting jobs to remove an outdated image and apply a much more contemporary one. In addition, we have maintained homogeneity between the colors of all the spaces, generating a personalized interior design.

To paint the walls we have used neutral tones such as white in the general spaces and beige in the bedrooms. In both cases we have managed to enhance the feeling of brightness and visual amplitude. In this way, a welcoming and warm atmosphere is generated in all areas of this reform in Barcelona.

We have enhanced this further by removing the old stoneware floor and installing a much more modern one. A parquet floor has been chosen in light wood tones that fits perfectly in the contemporary image. One of the points in favor of this interior design is that it adapts to all types of decorations.

Renovation before and after

By seeing the original state of this floor and how it has changed, you can appreciate the great work of our professionals. If you would also like to renovate some aspect of your home, call us at 93 209 97 17 and request a non-committal estimate. We are specialists in interior renovations and work in Barcelona city and nearby municipalities.