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Renovation in Barcelona: Avinguda Meridiana

A new flat renovation project takes us to Avinguda Meridiana in Barcelona. On this occasion we have taken on the task of completely renovating the kitchen and bathroom spaces. We have also carried out painting and floor changes.

This type of renovations in Barcelona is very common, since the owners want to modernize the image of their home. At the same time, it’s a good time to update key areas of the house and review facilities and equipment. At Grupo Inventia we prepare a personalized project based on your needs.

The finished works of this renovation in Barcelona are presented in the following video. Now you have everything you need to offer the best performance at all times. If you want to know more about our house renovations, we invite you to follow us on social networks. We update every day with our own and real content.

Kitchen renovation in L

The kitchen is located in its own and independent space. For the new arrangement of the elements, an L-shaped kitchen layout has been chosen. In this way, we have managed to create a kitchen with great mobility and functional use. Now each element is located in the best place to use it.

At the left end, a custom-made hole has been left to place the refrigerator. Then comes the first section of worktop that has been equipped with a glass-ceramic plate. The new oven has been integrated just below it. The worktop turns to the right and gives way to a second section that offers a support surface.

In addition, it has a single sink. Both in the lower and upper part there is storage capacity and also custom-made holes to integrate more appliances. Specifically, a dishwasher in the lower part and a microwave in the cabinets anchored in the upper part.

Modern bathrooms

Thanks to the bathroom renovations, we have provided the house with modern and very functional hygiene spaces. They have renovated equipment and a very pleasant image for an area of ​​daily use. The bathrooms of this renovation in Barcelona are ready to offer the best performance.

One of the new sanitary items is the toilet. In both cases, it has drawers for storing all types of hygiene and bathroom products. Each one of them also has a current image toilet with the cistern in the back. Finally, shower trays have also been installed that are protected by sliding door screens.

A contemporary style has been chosen for the image of these bathroom renovations in Barcelona. The walls have been completely tiled with neutral-toned tiles. Thanks to this, it has been possible to generate a very fresh and pleasant environment. These are essential features for the good use of a bathroom.

New interior design

In addition to the new features of spaces such as the kitchen and the bathrooms, we have also been in charge of improving the interior image of the home. For this floor we opted for a neutral decorative style, as it was the most in line with the owners’ tastes.

In this way, a greater sensation of lightness and spaciousness has been generated in all the spaces of the house. Now this apartment has a living room and very cozy bedrooms. Another detail of this improvement is the new parquet floor in shades of natural macera.

Budget renovation in Barcelona

If you think it’s time to improve some aspect of your home, tell us what you need. We prepare your Project of renovation in Barcelona in a personalized way and adjust to your budget. Contact us without any obligation by calling 93 209 97 17.