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Renovation, interior design and furniture in Barcelona

The apartment that we have completely renovated on Comandante Benítez street in Barcelona is now ready to move into. On the one hand, we have been in charge of the house renovation, improving structural and installation aspects. Also to apply a new interior design and to furnish all its spaces.

Now this home offers the best benefits and has everything you need to function as a real home. In our renovation company we offer a complete service with which you can get a new home easily and effectively. One of our great virtues is that we can adapt to all styles and budgets.

For example, this house renovation in Barcelona goes far beyond a facelift or renewing very specific aspects. In this case all our services have been performed all our services and the result has been perfect. So that the new details of this house renovation can be better appreciated, we share the following video.

Updated image

One of the first changes of this renovation in Barcelona is found in the image of housing. Our interior designers in Barcelona have been responsible for applying a new interior design in line with current trends. The goal of this project was to achieve cozy spaces and multifunctional spaces.

In this way the walls of areas such as the living room or bedrooms have been painted soft beige. In combination with the new laminate flooring you get a greater feeling of warmth and cozy environments. It is also a shade that allows light to flow to all corners and very bright spaces are obtained.

Other elements that have been improved over the originals are the doors. The new ones are white and are well contrasted with the color of the walls. They have a modern and contemporary image applying thin horizontal lines. Several of them are sliding doors, ideal for making the most of the interior space.

New furniture

As mentioned, in addition to improving the image and structure, the entire floor has also been furnished. Once the house renovation is completed, this home is ready to move into. In our renovation company we have a wide and varied catalog to choose the new furniture for your home.

As in other aspects of a house renovation we can adapt to any need and style. In this case the new furniture is in connection with the contemporary interior design that has been used throughout the house. With this premise we have furniture that combines white and wood finishes.

The living area has been furnished with a multi-seater sofa, a coffee table and a TV cabinet. Next to it is the dining area that enables a table and chair for several diners. For its part, each of the bedrooms has been furnished with a bed, a wardrobe and also a work area. In general, ideal spaces have been achieved for both rest and daily tasks.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

In addition to the improvements mentioned we have also renovated the kitchen and two bathrooms. These are our specialties and we are also responsible for carrying out partial projects for kitchens and bathrooms. We work with experienced suppliers and with proven materials in the sector.

We have an open kitchen with a U-shaped distribution. At the far left are the new appliances, all with stainless steel finish. Then a three-section countertop is born that has been equipped with a ceramic hob and a sink. It also offers a support surface and has storage capacity in the lower and upper area.

The comprehensive renovation is completed with the completion of two complete bathrooms. Each one has a washbasin, a toilet and a shower tray. These are functional spaces that respond to any need. For its image, the overall design with neutral tones has been maintained. The walls have been tiled at half height with white beveled tiles and a hydraulic style floor has been placed.

Reform budget in Barcelona

If you liked what you saw and think it’s time to renovate your home, contact us. We offer you a house renovation project tailored to your needs. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and we will inform you of all our services. We draw up your renovation budget in Barcelona in less than a week and deliver it to you without obligation.