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Renovation and interior design in Barcelona: Cantera street

One of our most recent renovations takes us to Cantera street in Barcelona. We have been in charge of improving the image and facilities of each of its spaces. Now this Barcelona apartment has all the comforts to function as a real home.

Our teams of renovation and interior design in Barcelona have worked under the instructions of the owners. In this way, we can offer fully customized floor renovations tailored to specific needs. In addition, our experience and versatility allow us to adapt to all types of styles and demands.

The finished works of this renovation in Barcelona can be seen in the following video. We want to show the reality of our projects and the advantages that we can apply in your home. If you want to know more, we invite you to follow our daily content on the profiles of our social networks.

Interior design in Barcelona

One of the first steps to establish in a home improvement project is the new image it will have. In our case, we have our own department of interior design in Barcelona that advises the owners from day one. Write down everything they need in their new home and translate it into 3D renderings that can be modified until they reach the desired point.

In this case it has been worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. It is one of the most sought-after decorative styles, as it enhances key aspects such as brightness and the feeling of spaciousness. The objective is to generate cozy spaces and in this apartment on Calle Cantera it has been achieved using neutral colored paint.

The walls of the apartment have been painted with a soft beige tone that combines with other elements. For example, it makes the new white doors stand out along with the frames and plinths. With this combination of colors, the entrance of natural light is used to the maximum and all the corners of the floor have a homogeneous image.

Open kitchen

Another of the key spaces in this renovation is the kitchen and on this occasion both its image and its equipment have been improved. This is an open kitchen renovation with a U-shaped layout. This way it offers excellent mobility throughout the area occupied by the kitchen.

The refrigerator has been placed on the left side and is hidden by the doors of the kitchen furniture. Next comes a worktop equipped with a sink and cabinets for storage in its lower area. The central worktop is elongated and offers a lot of support and work surface. It is also equipped with a ceramic hob.

The oven has been integrated in the lower part of the kitchen furniture and the same has been done with the microwave in the upper part. The right part is occupied by a new worktop that functions as a kitchen bar. This way you get a spacious space for breakfast and fast food that is right next to the dining area.

Functional bathroom

In this work of renovation and interior design in Barcelona, ​​the bathroom has also been completely changed. We have been responsible for applying a modern interior design and renovating all the sanitary equipment. Now this daily hygiene space is ready to offer the best services at the moment.

The new sanitary ware is a floating toilet with storage capacity in its lower part. This ensures an organization space for hygiene products. It is accompanied by a floating toilet, a modern and perfect image piece to generate more visual space. A shower tray protected by a screen has been chosen for the water area.

As for the new image, a style in line with the overall look of the house has been chosen. The walls have been tiled with beige tiles to create a bright and visually spacious space. Since then, other finishes have been introduced, such as the wooden bathroom furniture.

Renovation budget

We offer you a bespoke and personalized Project of renovation and interior design in Barcelona. We adjust to your budget by offering the best qualities on the market. You can request it without obligation. by calling 93 209 97 17.