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Renovation and interior design in Lepanto street

A new house renovation takes us to Calle Lepanto in Barcelona. We have been in charge of improving the interior design and the equipment of all its spaces. In addition, we have also furnished all the bedrooms. After the renovation work, this house looks like a real home.

In our renovation company, we offer very complete projects in which we take care of all aspects. We have specialized departments that will make the whole process of the house renovation very simple and easy for you. Our experts will advise you personally on everything you need.

We share the renovations that we have completed on our social networks. This way we show how we work and the result you could have in your home. The finished works of this renovation in Barcelona can be seen in the following video.

Open kitchen

One of the spaces we have improved is the kitchen. It is now an open kitchen that is distributed linearly and has complete equipment. The kitchen consists of a worktop equipped with a sink and a glass ceramic plate. The oven has been integrated just below the latter.

In the lower part there is storage capacity with several drawers and cupboards. On the other hand, the refrigerator has been integrated in the extreme right. It is camouflaged by the doors of the same kitchen cabinet. With this detail, a homogeneous image is achieved throughout the kitchen space.

Being an open kitchen, the overall design of the rest of the floor has been maintained. Neutral shades have been used to generate a bright and visually spacious space. To achieve this, a white kitchen unit has been installed that combines with a worktop finished in wood.

Functional bathrooms

Other spaces that have been completely improved are the two bathrooms. Now each one of them has modern and functional sanitary equipment. Both are ready to offer the best performance when using them. On the other hand, a fresh and current new design has been applied.

The new sanitary equipment is composed of a toilet with built-in storage furniture. This is how you get a perfect space to organize bathroom and hygiene products. It is accompanied by a toilet of modern lines with the cistern in the back and a water area with a shower tray.

The same interior design has been used in both bathroom renovations. The walls have been tiled at mid-height with white beveled tiles. The rest of the wall up to the ceiling has been painted the same color. Hydraulic type tiles have been chosen for the new bathroom floor, which add a lot of personality.

New interior design

Also new in this renovation in Barcelona is the new image of the whole house. We have a department specialized in interior design in Barcelona that advises you to find the decorative style that best suits your home. In this case, a contemporary interior design with a modern image has been chosen.

The walls have been painted with a soft shade of beige that creates warm and very pleasant spaces. The new flooring that has been installed also contributes to this. It is a parquet floor in natural wood tones. In spaces such as bedrooms it generates greater warmth and an ideal environment for rest.

Another service that we offer in our renovation company is furniture for flats and houses. On this occasion we have been in charge of the assembly and placement of the furniture in several spaces. Specifically the living room, the dining room and all the bedrooms. In addition to the wardrobe, the rooms have a wooden wardrobe and a work area.

House renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we ensure that the renovation of your home has everything you need. We have a very varied catalog and our staff is made up of professionals with a lot of experience. To request your comprehensive renovation budget, call us on 93 209 97 17. We will have it ready in less than a week and deliver it to you without obligation.