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Restaurant renovation in Barcelona

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we have completed a new renovation work. This time something different from housing, as we have been responsible for a restaurant renovation in Via Laietana in Barcelona. Both our interior design and construction departments have experience in restaurant renovation work. Although it is not the most common, this is not the first commercial premises reform that we carried out in Grupo Inventia.

In the following video we present the general finishes of this restaurant renovation in Barcelona. Below we will discuss some details of the work done, especially focusing on the finishes. We refer to painting work, redistribution, paving, etc.

Restaurant distribution

This is a very spacious place. The goal was to get the right environment for the intended distribution. In this restaurant renovation the bar is located just to the left of the entrance and then begins the dining area with several tables. In the innermost part there is a separation with arches that has been perfectly integrated into the new design of the restaurant.

To get this restaurant renovation to have a lot of light and spaciousness we used white paint for the walls. In this way we guarantee that natural light expands to every corner of the room and creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. This is accompanied by a wooden floor. The new floor has a finish in light shades of wood and with natural patterns.

Tiles and wood

This natural looking wooden floor fits very well with the furniture of this restaurant renovation. As you can see in the video or in the photo gallery, the tables and chairs are made of wood. In this case a darker tone that makes them stand out. The whole restaurant renovation evokes a robust and welcoming image.

Another important detail in this restaurant renovation in Barcelona is the tiling of some walls. Both the bar and, at half height, the wall that follows it have been tiled with different hydraulic type tiles in shades of gray. The end result is a mosaic that integrates perfectly into the overall image of the place. It keeps the brightness and visual breadth intact and adds a touch of color and personality.

Restaurant renovation in Barcelona

In the renovations company in Barcelona Grupo Inventia we elaborate the perfect project for your restaurant or commercial premises. We have the right professionals to make your restaurant renovation a success and renew both the image and the equipment. To request your project and budget you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this form.