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Rustic style with all the modernity

13 November, 2013 · Blog

Today, trends when decorating or integral reforms in housing are endless. Among our range of possibilities from objects we have the most modern and innovative addition to the vintage or retro. We are almost forced to opt for a style, our own style, but we can not circumvent current needs, so just mixing two times regarding decoration so forced.

Following this, we will describe how a house can live with rustic style furniture and appliances more modern and efficient. In this case, the key is maintaining the rustic essence and history of the house as possible, but introducing made pieces that make less sober finishes.

We begin by talking room or living room. For general trend in houses rustic style environment tends to predominate in a tone of dark wood, so we play with combinations from here.

To combine the simplicity of modernity with the sobriety of rustic style colors and lines are important. In one room, the ideal is to put a couch in various places without pillows or covers, neutral tones, in this case the white or gray are the best option. The coffee table can be wood, have set aside glassware, but in this case with a lighter wood tone, almost natural. To highlight the best is to use decorative unicolor, simple and without abusing it, for example, figures or vases.

In the kitchen and bathroom, the white color is the protagonist, especially to win lots of light. Remember that idea is to keep the essence of rustic style housing, but introducing more modern lines. Given this, perhaps, for the stove in the kitchen as the sink is used classical white marble with black lines. Strength and finesse in one piece. In turn, the white furniture and fit perfectly parquet floor to a natural wood is most suitable.

Finally, we discuss how to be the master bedroom. In this case the combination should be more subtle. Ideally, the floor is parquet and also to a very natural, almost raw wood. Having maintained the essence Rustic around most of the house, the bedroom we can lean more towards minimalism. By this we mean that the structure of the bed, for example, should be wood, but with finer lines and stylized. Like this, bedside tables and other accessories should follow the same path, simplicity.

Colors for the bedroom, as we are going to a minimalist tendency is best to use neutral colors. One thing in this case we will fail and effective combination of classic white or beige for the walls and black objects.

With this, we wanted to ensure that the mix of two styles and trends may lead to an exquisite decoration. If you are interested in learning more possibilities of design and decoration, visit our official profile company.