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Services that a house renovation company can offer

23 June, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

As a house renovation company, we know how important it is to cover each and every aspect that influences a house renovation. At Grupo Inventia we have several years of experience in the sector of house renovations and we can speak properly. For us, each project is unique and is attended to in a personalized way and tailored to each client.

That is why we are going to list the services we offer in all our house renovations. Similarly, these are aspects that must be taken into account in any total home renovation. We are aware that this is an important decision and it is for this reason that we offer a close service in which the customer feels comfortable. Once the work is completed, the home must be ready and to the liking of its owners, that is our ultimate goal.

Carrying out the refurbishment of a home can involve several concerns, but in Grupo Inventia everything will be resolved before the start of the works. In this video we explain our way of working, without complications and in a professional way. We carry out both house renovations in Barcelona city and in nearby towns and offer a more budget project without commitment. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17.

Interior design

One of the advantages we offer in our house renovations company is an interior design service included in the project. This way you do not need to hire any external service to print a new image to your home. Our department of interior design in Barcelona makes customized 3D renderings based on your tastes and needs.

Once the project has been approved, our interior designers will accompany you throughout the process and advise you when choosing materials and finishes. We cooperate with several showrooms in Barcelona where you can choose from a wide variety of items. Paintings, floors, furniture, doors and a long and so on.

empresa reformas integrales

In the same way that we are a versatile company and we adapt to all types of styles and budgets. We have worked on renovations of contemporary, rustic, industrial, minimalist style… Always offering materials of the best quality and a personalized service at all times.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

As a house renovation company, we have specialized departments for each space in the home. Among them those of the kitchen and the bathroom are of the most important. Both rooms are for daily use and the passage of time can make a dent in them, for this reason we are specialists in their renovation. In the same way we are also in charge of carrying out kitchen or bathroom renovations separately.

reforma cocina abierta

In kitchen renovations in Barcelona and around we are one of the most sought after options. We work with a proven distributor with whom you will have direct contact. You can opt for conventional models adapted to new trends or opt for a custom kitchen design. We also have a wide variety of appliances of all kinds that you can add to the project. A very popular option for owners who want to move in once the works are completed.

In the same way we work on the bathroom renovations, a space from which we can renew both its image and sanitary equipment. Thanks to our versatility we can work both in classic bathrooms or in need of a total renovation. We have all the elements to improve your bathroom in every way.

reformas baños

Floors, doors and windows

In addition to what are assumed to be major changes, we also deal with changes in pavement, doors and windows. In our offices in Barcelona we have the necessary catalogs and samples so you can see it first hand. In turn, you can choose switches, lights, socket and all those details that will make your home the home you want.

In the aspect of the pavements We work with all type of options. From natural or laminate flooring to hydraulic floors with a lot of personality. Obviously we also have neutral image stoneware or ceramic floors. Surely we have that floor you want to have in every room of your home.

reforma integral

As for the doors, our catalog is wide and varied. From modern white and embossed doors to classic doors with wood finish. As a multifunctional house renovation company, we also offer aluminum carpentry work for windows and terrace doors. With them we guarantee an effective acoustic and thermal protection.

House renovations in Barcelona

Getting the image and equipment you want in your home is very easy with Grupo Inventia. We make a first visit to know what you want and take action. From there we develop a customized project at no cost or commitment. If you decide to continue in the future we will start a project in which you will receive advice from both our interior design and construction department. To see more examples of our house renovations we invite you to follow us on our social networks.