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Sewing salon at home

9 August, 2016 · Blog, Integral renovations

Like everything in life, each of us has a different hobby and some we love sewing. Whether to create decorative elements as our own clothes, sewing is a hobby fun and practical in equal measure. In turn, this is a job that requires order and organization for our sewing tools, so that not all of our home stays are suitable for this.

Thus, from Grupo Inventia we bring you some ideas that you think your own sewing salon at home! Obviously, not all have a basement or an attic enabled, that would be ideal, let’s start by both real places in a home in an apartment.

Central table

Whichever room you choose to create our sewing salon at home is vital to place there a central table and widest. This will be our workspace, which can be equipped with sewing machines.

In turn, this should have good lighting, because it is a much more precise and better clarity. In addition to natural light or light walls, it is advisable to have a central light well that illuminates the workspace.


Another point to consider is storage capacity. As mentioned, the seam requires organization, so there is no better place for it to shelves, boxes and drawers in the comfortable walls of our living room sewing.

The shelves with boxes organizers will help us to have all the material cataloged and available to us whenever we need. Moreover, a comfortable place will help us to further extend the storage capacity of our sewing salon if you can exhibit some of our work, ideal for displaying both the family visits.

Sewing salon at home

From Grupo Inevtnia we always like to bring ideas and tips for different tasks in the home. Thanks to our department specializing in interior design can offer the best solutions to all your needs.