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Storage shelves in small apartments: tips and tricks

10 October, 2023 · Blog

Having storage capacity is super important in a home. Thanks to this, we can effectively organize the elements of a particular stay. To achieve this there are several methods and pieces of furniture made to measure. In this case we will focus on how to expand the storage space in small apartments.

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In addition to the classic furniture we want to delve into the storage shelves. A resource that can benefit us a lot and with which we can make the most of every space in our home. With well-distributed shelves we can generate more storage capacity and organization.

Storage needs

Before buying or installing storage shelves you need to determine what type of objects you need to store and organize. So we can act on the basis of how much space we need for them. This way we will be sure to choose the right type and size of our new shelves.

Also, we are in a small apartment, so we have to pay close attention to the sizes and try to fit them as much as possible. To choose them, we will also take into account why we need them, since they will be different for the living room, the bedrooms or the bathroom. In this sense, we are very lucky that the market offers us a lot of storage shelves.

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Different sizes, shapes and finishes, the range of storage shelves is very wide and can be adapted to all types of decorative styles. Without going any further we have the Ikea storage shelves, which you can choose in the store itself. Another advantage is that we can easily assemble them ourselves.

Types of shelving

As we mentioned, there are a variety of shelves available on the market, including wall shelves, floating shelves, modular shelves, and metal or wooden shelves. At this point we will have to evaluate the type of storage shelf that best suits our needs and the space we have available.

If we are in the living room or in the bedrooms, floating shelves are an excellent option. Its modern image does not take up any visual space and allows you to store and organize all kinds of elements. This is one of the big advantages in a small apartment, as it helps to allow light to flow smoothly.

On the other hand, we may need a storage shelf in the bathroom. In this room, a great option is to use the corners to place shelves. In this way we manage to occupy a space that normally remains unused and generate storage capacity in the bathroom. It is an excellent complement in which we can organize a wide variety of personal cleaning products.

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Tidy floor

With an element as simple as shelves we can achieve excellent organization in rich rooms. Beyond using the shelf as such, we can also use them in another way. For example, we can consider that some shelves can also serve as furniture. In this sense, like TV shelves in the living room or standing shelves with space to store shoes, in the hall.

We can also complement our storage shelves with buckets and boxes that allow us to store more orderly. Especially for small objects or that we don’t want to be visible. That’s why we can use boxes, containers or baskets on the shelves. Labeling the containers will make it easier to identify their contents.

If you need more storage space in your home, don’t hesitate to consider placing shelves. With all the options that the market offers us, you are sure to find the option that best suits your needs.