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Subway tile in the bathroom

13 December, 2022 · Blog

The concept of tiling has changed over the years. From being an indispensable element, it became less used. Nowadays, subway type tiles and other styles are considered for tiling, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. The union between practicality and design is becoming more and more powerful.

Precisely the subway type tile is one of the most requested options when it comes to a change of image. They work perfectly in humid spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. For this, contacting a renovation and interior design company is one of the most popular options.

In addition, today the market offers us a great variety of metro type tiles. Different sizes and colors, but with the same essence of its characteristic image. Thanks to this, they can be used in different decorative styles and applied based on the personal taste of each case.

Subway style tile in the bathroom

As we have mentioned, the metro style tile is very used in the renovation of bathrooms. In fact, it can be used in both modern and retro interior designs. The vintage metro tiles fit very well with decorations that mix both decorative trends.

azulejo tipo metro

That they are used in a room like the bathroom is totally logical. It is a space in which humidity is generated and the metro tile is ideal for simple maintenance and quick cleaning. Thanks to its smooth surface, they can be cleaned in a practical way with basic bathroom cleaning products.

One of the decisions that must be made is the size of the tile, whether to make it full or half-height. In the case of subway type tiles, it can give good results in both ways. Even so, tiling half the wall and painting the rest the same color will result in an image that is as modern as it is elegant.

Modern and bright environment

We have already mentioned that the subway tile is a perfect piece for decoration and that generates a very modern image. In addition, it also provides other benefits in terms of interior design. Its bevelled tile shape allows the light to reflect much more on it and generate greater brightness.

In this way we get bright and visually larger spaces. For this reason, they are usually used in rooms such as the bathroom, a closed space that is used daily. There is a need for it to always present the best conditions and generate a pleasant environment at all times.

Once placed on the wall, the subway tile can be combined with other types of finishes. For example, placing a hydraulic tile floor will be an ideal combination, especially in retro-style bathrooms or kitchens. Knowing all the advantages that can bring us, we will only have to choose its style.

azulejo metro y suelo hidraulico

Colors and prices

As in many aspects of the home, the white color will also be the most chosen for bathroom tiles. It is a color that conveys a more hygienic feeling and that its cleaning is aimed at being simpler. A subway style tile has both characteristics among its specifications.

Another detail to mention is the price of the subway tile. In this case it will depend on the bathroom in which they want to be placed. The price of the tile per square meter varies depending on the quantity needed. Even so, manufacturers think about all economies and provide us with different ranges of the same product.

If a traditional tiling escapes our budget we can opt for other options. In this sense, with adhesive subway tiles we can enjoy the modern image of beveled tiles in a more economical way. To know this type of solutions, it is recommended to request the services of professionals in interior design.

Advantages of subway tile

azulejo estilo metro blanco

We have reviewed several of the advantages offered by subway-style or beveled tiles in rooms in our home. Among them, the bathroom, a space in which they will bring us modernity in design. Also a fresh and pleasant environment both in the day to day and in the more relaxed moments.