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Terrace renovation in Vilamarí street of Barcelona

Recently in Grupo Inventia we have completed an external rehabilitation work. On this occasion we carried out a terrace renovation in a house located in Vilamarí street of Barcelona. Before commenting on the details of this terrace renovation, we share a video in which you can see the general finishes of the work done the Grupo Inventia‘s team.

New terrace floor

One of the most important details of this terrace renovation was the change of pavement, since it was first leveled to level and then placed a resistant floor that would support any weather. In this case, two types of floor were chosen, in the majority of them tiles were installed that mimic the wood, giving it a very warm and warm image in an area that is in the open air.

At the ends, tiles with stone drawings were placed. Besides generating a beautiful contrast, combined with natural light can generate more sensation of amplitude.

To continue with the contrast and combination of colors, the walls were painted in black mat, generating a well-defined space.

Covered area

This terrace renovation also has a covered area that has a workbench. In this part you will find the access to the last floor of the house. In this area several shelves and a closet were placed, as well as a sink. This one becomes a perfect place to enjoy the terrace from inside if the climatology does not allow to be outside.

Terrace renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia you will find the best professionals so that your terrace renovation look as you like and have all the elements you need. Ask for your budget and we will deliver it for free and without any commitment.