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Terrace renovation in Terrassa

We have moved to the town of Terrassa to carry out an exterior renovation. Specifically, we have been responsible for carrying out the terrace renovation of a house. In addition to offering a service in interior design and interior renovations, we are also responsible for rehabilitating exterior spaces.

Our services include the terrace renovation, balconies or gardens. In short, exterior spaces of a home. We have the best professionals for this task and a varied catalog of options. As in the interior spaces on the terraces, we also adapt to all styles.

To see the finishes of this terrace renovation, we share the following video. In general, we have adapted the space to offer functionality in various tasks. After the renovation works, the terrace becomes a perfect space for both relaxing and socializing.

New exterior pavement

One of the mandatory improvements in a terrace renovation is the change of pavement. Having a solid soil that allows good drainage is essential. Outdoor spaces are exposed to the weather and must be well protected. In the case of a terrace it is very important that it is well waterproofed and avoids water leaks.

To achieve this we work with special outdoor materials. From the cement to the floor slabs. In this terrace renovation, gray slabs have been chosen with a beautiful stone finish. With them we have covered the entire surface of the terrace, the plinth and also the exterior stairs.

The placement of the terrace floor is also very important. In this case, it has been left with the ideal inclination so that the water does not stagnate in any of its corners. As we have mentioned, it is very important that the rainwater drains well and avoid leaks and humidity.

Insulation and exterior painting

In this terrace renovation we have also taken care of insulating all the walls with a special exterior paint. As in the soil, the climate affects the walls of our terrace. We must take measures to prevent them from cracking due to dryness and leaking water due to rain.

It is a simple job, although it must be done well. In our case, we have extensive experience in renovations of exterior spaces. At the same time, we also have access to high-quality products for terraces and outdoor areas. For this terrace, it has been chosen to paint the walls white.

In general, we have managed to provide this terrace with functionality and we have also rejuvenated its image. We have managed to create a large space with many possibilities. Now the terrace is a perfect space for personal rest and also for holding meetings with family and friends.

Terrace and exterior renovation

At Grupo Inventia we take care of your terrace renovation and other outdoor spaces. We offer a tailor-made project to fulfill all your needs. We renew the image of your terrace and also furnish it. Request your estimate by calling 93 209 97 17. We deliver it to you without obligation.