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Terraces decoration and renovation

10 February, 2023 · Blog

In many cases the home is not only the interior space, but we can also have an exterior part. As for any room in our house, the day will also come when you have to make a renovation and decoration of the terrace.

A terrace is an ideal space to relax and socialize with family and visitors. For this reason we must make the most of its possibilities and think of a good design for our terrace.

decoracion para terrazas

For this reason we want to share several key points in the renovation and decoration of the terrace and how to maximize their qualities.

Planning and renovation

Before starting a terrace renovation, we must take into account the existing characteristics and conditions and plan accordingly. For example, if the terrace is completely exposed, it is a good idea to waterproof the area. On the other hand, if the terrace has a cover, we must make sure that it is resistant and well insulated.

In the visual and practical section there are some key elements that we must pay attention to. First, we will have to choose a type of soil according to the characteristics of our outdoor terrace. Whatever the conditions of the terrace, I am sure that the market offers us an option that fits us. For example, we can choose from a variety of materials such as floor tiles, stone slabs, wooden decking or even artificial grass.

decoración de terrazas exterior

Decoration for terraces

Once we have defined the wrap, we will go on to choose the terrace decoration. The key is to create a space that is pleasant, functional and that expresses our decorative style. To do this, we will look at what type of furniture and accessories for exterior terrace decoration we would like to use, as well as the colors and materials that best suit your taste. In addition to physical objects, plants and flowers are essential in an outdoor space and can also be used to add a touch of color and life to our terrace.

In this last point, in addition to the classic potted or garden plants, we can use them to decorate the terrace wall. It is a perfect option to save space and make the most of the surface of the terrace.

Terrace furniture

Terrace furniture will bring style and comfort to our outdoor area and, as in the previous points, the market is very generous. Whether it’s a piece of furniture to relax, provide functionality or a place to store our outdoor items, with the right patio furniture we’ll create the perfect outdoor environment.

One of the most common options is that the exterior furniture is made of wicker, wood or metal. Wicker furniture is a classic in outdoor areas. Among their advantages: they are light, easy to clean and we can find a variety of styles and colors. On the other hand, wooden furniture is more durable and can be varnished or painted to match the decoration of the terrace. In the same way that metal furniture is very durable and we can find it in a variety of styles and colors.

muebles para terrazas

In addition to the type of suitable terrace furniture, we will also have to count on the type of accessories that we would like to include in our exterior terrace decoration. Among many elements we have umbrellas, cushions for chairs and sofas and even side tables.

Exterior terrace decoration

The terrace decoration and renovation can be a very nice challenge. Once we have our outdoor space ready, it will generate great satisfaction. As we have said, a terrace can be a multifunctional space where you can relax and spend good times with family and friends.