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That space won’t be a problem for your kitchen

3 December, 2013 · Blog

If there is one area that could be considered the core of the house is the kitchen. It will perform some of the most essential everyday, from taking up the first morning coffee to the last sip of water or juice before bedtime, going there because we made preparations all meals of the day.

What we all like is to have a kitchen full of cabinets to store our food and utensils, appliances design and exquisitely decorated. But we don’t always have a large kitchen and all sides have to adapt the space we have. However, this is not an impediment to our kitchen, rather small, can be equipped and have a design on the top, without needing any details.

In the case of small kitchens must take into account the distribution, since it will depend maximize the available space. In these cases, distributions are ideal or U-shaped island, because we both have everything you need within reach and very well organized, as well as to apply any kind of design and decoration.

For kitchens with distribution U are suitable for any style we want to give our kitchen. Classic, vintage, modern, everything is permitted. One of the strengths of this type of cooking is that you can organize the space in a very organized and can have a hand appliances, cabinets and drawers in the other and a central area with a large desk where you can placed in sink. This distribution takes advantage of all available space, enjoying a practical work area and maintaining perfect order in this area so vital.

Something similar, in terms of style, happens in small kitchens with island. In this type of distribution may appear to lose some space, but quite the opposite. Thanks to the island, we are all the walls to take them and we put the appliances, the kitchen with sink, cabinets, etc. One of the best solutions for the small kitchen has an aesthetic to the last, it is best to put the cooker or hob on the island itself, thereby cooking area and an area for lunch at the same place.

Here are some ideas we share your small kitchens because they look like you want, but it is always better to enlist the help of professionals. For this reason, from our company of integral reforms in Barcelona, we invite you to contact us if you want to reform or designing any space in your home, we offer personalized service at the best price.