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The before and after a kitchen renovation in Barcelona

In the company Grupo Inventia we are characterized by carrying out complete projects of house renovation. We are also specialists in partial home renovations. In this last group we find the bathroom renovations and, as in this case, the kitchen renovations. Our team has moved to Mare de Déu de Montserrat street and we want to show the final result.

In fact we are going to buy the before and after this kitchen renovation in Barcelona. In this way we can present all the changes and improvements in a much more visual and impactful way. The years of experience are a degree and in a project as concentrated as this one we can appreciate the good work of our professionals in renovations.

The teamwork of our interior designers and our work team is perfect and allows us to guarantee the best result. We also work based on your tastes and needs, offering you the personal advice you need. Our efforts to achieve the best result can be seen in the following video. Comparing the before and after of this kitchen renovation is spectacular.

Open kitchen

This time the kitchen remains in its original location, although it goes from being an enclosed space to an open kitchen. This is one of the most requested kitchen renovations, the kitchens open to the livingroom or diningroom are very functional and modern. Now this kitchen is highly functional and features several spaces in the house.

The L-shaped kitchen layout has been maintained on the left side. It has an elongated worktop that goes from end to end and offers a support and work surface. A ceramic hob and a one-sin sink have been installed on it. As for the new appliances, the improvement is excellent.

There is storage capacity for the kitchen at both the bottom and top of the countertop. Each of the elements is well organized and there is no visual space left in the kitchen area. In addition, these areas have been used to integrate the oven and microwave. In this way all the equipment is integrated into the kitchen furniture.

Kitchen bar

Another novelty of this kitchen renovation compared to the original state is that a kitchen bar has been placed. This is a small wall that has a dual function. On the one hand it is a space divider and on the other it expands the support and work surface. In addition, an ideal space for breakfast, views or fast food has been achieved.

Image change

In this kitchen renovation in Barcelona we have been responsible for renovating the furniture, facilities, equipment and also the image of the kitchen. Once the work is finished, the step of our professionals is noticeable and much. Now this kitchen is presented in a modern and current image, in keeping with the contemporary interior design of the rest of the house.

The old dark wood finish furniture has become white at the bottom and light wood at the top. Only with this change has more light and spaciousness been generated in the kitchen. In addition, this kitchen furniture is one-piece and contributes to the image of the kitchen is more homogeneous and fluid.

On the other hand, the countertop has gone from brown marble to a medium wood tone. It combines much better with the top cabinets and also with the new countertop of the kitchen bar. The original terrazzo flooring has also been replaced by an imitation parquet ceramic floor. A very wise decision both visually and practically.

Kitchen renovation budget

This is a good example of what we are capable of in Grupo Inventia when it comes to carrying out a kitchen renovation. We take care of every detail so that the result is as you wish. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your makeover quote without obligation. Along with it, we will give you the plans of the new distribution and some 3D designs of the future image of your house.