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The before and after a house renovation in Barcelona: Valencia street

We recently showed you the result of the house renovation that we completed on Valencia street in Barcelona. A work that has involved improvements both in the aesthetic section of the whole house and in the equipment of key spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. In addition to a complete renovation in terms of facilities.

To better appreciate all the changes made we will compare the house renovation of this house renovation in Barcelona. As has happened from a home that needed improvements to a real home with all the comforts. In the following video we show the original state and how it looks now after the work of Grupo Inventia.

Our house renovation company has the necessary experience to get your home everything you need. In addition, our team of professionals is versatile and we adapt to all decorative styles. In the same way we elaborate a project based on your needs and budget. We always offer the best qualities on the market.

Contemporary interior design

This house renovation project has been worked on based on a contemporary design. The color of the different spaces such as the living room, the bedrooms or areas such as the hallway has been unified. Now all of them are presented in white, a perfect option for bright and visually spacious rooms.

The proposal of our interior designers in Barcelona has been accepted as the change for the better is guaranteed. The feeling of comfort is palpable in every corner of the house. After the work done, it is ready to offer the best services in any situation. The doors and windows have also been changed.

In this aspect, it has gone from somewhat old-fashioned wood finishes to white doors and windows in keeping with the chosen overall interior design. Another image change is the pavement. The original terrazzo floor has been replaced by a modern parquet floor. Now the feeling of warmth spreads throughout the house.

Kitchen renovation

How could it be otherwise we have also carried out the kitchen renovation in this house in Barcelona. Comparing the before and after cooking you can see a big change. The most visually remarkable is that it has gone from an enclosed and independent space to an open kitchen.

All this has led to a complete change in distribution and image. All aspects of this kitchen have been renovated, including furniture and appliances. Now the kitchen furniture is white and is presented in a linear design with smooth panels that generate a modern and effective image.

The same kitchen furniture has been used to integrate appliances into it. This kitchen renovation in Barcelona has a fridge, oven and microwave, as well as a ceramic hob and sink. After the renovation work, the kitchen is located in a large space and has a large storage capacity. Drawers and cupboards have been arranged along the lower and upper areas of the worktops.

Bathroom renovation

Another space suitable for current needs in this renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. This one stays in the same location, although if you compare the before and after it looks like a totally different bathroom. It is now presented with a modern image and has a practical and functional sanitary equipment.

In this last aspect commented the change of the bathroom furniture stands out. It has gone from a structure supported on the floor to a floating sink that keeps the storage capacity at its bottom. The toilet is also presented with more modern lines than the previous one and we also see a big change in the water area.

From a bathtub protected with opaque partitions, it has been changed to a shower tray with partitions with transparent sliding doors. In addition to being a more practical sanitary piece, its design does not detract from the visual space of the bathroom. As for the new image, the original marble-finished tiles have been removed and beige ones have been placed. With this bathroom renovation, a much more pleasant and welcoming space has been achieved.

House renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we prepare each house renovation project in a personalized and tailor-made way. Tell us what you need in your new home and we will work to get it. Our catalog is extensive and we guarantee the best result in all aspects. Interior design, kitchen and bathroom renovations, change of pavement and a long and so on.

Our professionals are ready to make your home look the way you want it to. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation quote. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without any commitment.