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The before and after of the house renovation in Sant Just Desvern

One of the house renovations that we have completed at the beginning of this year takes us to the town of Sant Just Desvern. There we have been responsible for completely renewing and improving both the appearance of the image and the facilities. In general, we have managed to adapt the entire home to current needs.

Once the final result of the house renovation is presented, we will compare the before and after work done. To do this we will see how the spaces of the kitchen and the two bathrooms that the house has have changed. Thanks to the extensive catalog we work with we can adapt to all decorative styles and budgets. To this is added the versatility of our professionals, both interior designers and architects and operators.

As we have mentioned several times in Grupo Inventia we work both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns. This is the case of this house renovation in Sant Just Desvern that we have completed. In fact, some of our most recent projects take us to Sant Cugat or Barberà del Vallès.

Kitchen renovation

One of the spaces that has been improved thanks to this kitchen renovation project is the kitchen. In our renovation company we have a department specialized in kitchens and we offer the best options in image and equipment. In the same way we adapt to all types of budgets, always offering the best qualities on the market.

In this case we find a kitchen located in a very large space and independent of the rest of the house. There is enough space to place the main kitchen furniture and adapt an office area with table and chairs. One of the positive points of this kitchen renovation is that it has a large entrance of natural light. It has been used to integrate it into the whole kitchen and generate a very bright and visually spacious space.

The kitchen is U-shaped and has two sections of countertop that provide support and work surface. In addition, the new sink and hob have been installed on them. On the right side has been placed a cabinet that greatly expands the storage capacity in the kitchen. It has custom-made holes to fit the fridge, oven and microwave.

Image and equipment

More improvements that have been made are found in the two bathrooms that the house has. In both cases they have been completely renovation and are ready to offer the best features in their use. Now each of them is presented with a modern image and a highly functional sanitary equipment.

Although different finishes have been used, the current image of the two bathrooms is very similar. The goal has been to get two spaces capable of generating a feeling of great brightness and spaciousness. Essential features for well-being in everyday use space and so essential for a home.

The walls have been tiled with white tiles. In this way the light can reach every corner of the bathroom with total ease. White imitation marble tiles have been used in the main bathroom. For its part, in the complimentary bathroom, the walls have been tiled with metro-type tiles. Hexagonal tiles have been chosen for the new bathroom floor. This is the case in the two bathroom renovations, although they have been chosen in different shades.

The sanitary equipment has also been completely renovated in these bathrooms. The originals have been removed and state-of-the-art, modern and functional ones have been placed. Now each bathroom has a sink with built-in furniture, a floating toilet and a water area. This last element is the only different one, since in one the bathtub has been maintained and the other a shower tray has been installed.

New interior design

Just as the kitchen and bathrooms have been completely improved, so has the overall image of the house. Each project we carry out in Grupo Inventia includes an interior design proposal based on the tastes and needs of the clients. Our department of interior design in Barcelona is in charge of presenting it in floor plans and precise 3D rendering. We deliver all this for free and without obligation.

In this house renovation in Sant Just Desvern, a contemporary interior design has been chosen with bright, spacious spaces and a very welcoming atmosphere. This image has been printed thanks to the use of neutral tones to paint the walls and to match the choice of the new pavement. In this case, a laminate parquet flooring in medium shades of wood has been laid.

Budget without commitment

For Grupo Inventia, each house renovation project is unique and tailor-made. Our years of experience allow us to adapt to all types of spaces and needs. To request your project plus a renovation budget, call us on 93 209 97 17. One of our professionals will assist you in establishing the first steps in creating the project. When we have it ready we will deliver it without any cost or commitment.