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The best decorative carpets for your home

6 April, 2023 · Blog

To be in contact with the world of interior design and decoration is to be in constant evolution. The trends are getting faster and faster and you have to know how to connect with those that fit our style. The market offers us a great variety of options and today we will talk about decorative carpets.

Decorative carpets are an essential part of the interior design of any home. In addition, they have a double function: visual and practical. With a carpet we will be able to give a room a more welcoming feeling. At the same time, they also help us protect our floor, be it parquet or another type.

alfombras decorativas salon

When buying decorative carpets we must consider several aspects. Since they match our interior design to the measurements of the room where it will be. Each carpet must be designed for a specific space. For example, the bedroom carpet will be different from the kitchen carpet.

Type of carpets

As we have mentioned, the first step is to establish the relationship between space and decorative carpet. Each of our carpets must be designed to be used in a specific area of our home. For this we will choose the best one among the different styles, colors and textures that we can find on the market.

Living room rugs should create a feeling of warmth and wool rugs are an excellent option. In contemporary design they fit very well, as well as in bedrooms with neutral tones. For areas of the house designed for rest, soft or jute carpets help to enhance the feeling of calm.

Carpets and sizes

When we are going to buy a carpet we must be very clear about the measurements we want. It is very important that our decorative carpet fits in the space we have in mind. In addition to fulfilling its practical function, having an image that matches the room generates greater decorative fluidity.

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For a bedroom carpet it is important that it fits the legs or the side. We must prevent it from being left behind by the furniture we have. It also happens in the hallway carpets. The distance between the wall and the carpet must be the same on both sides.

This also affects living room rugs that are round. For these cases we must have the correct measurements of its location and what we will put on top. In this case it could be the dining room table or a coffee table. The measurements of our living room rug must be proportional.

Carpet texture

Within the concept of decorative carpet, its texture also comes into play. Among its features, the padding helps make the carpet more comfortable and also provides additional insulation. The wool carpets exhibit the perfect texture for spaces in which we want to apply warmth. For other more fresh styles, the boho rugs will bring a lot of color and dynamism.

Although the visible part is the one that treasures all the protagonism, we must also pay attention to the part that is not seen. The carpets have to endure many steps every day and it is necessary that they are firm and hold on to the floor. For decorative carpets in the living room or dining room, we can opt for soft grips. On the other hand, in bathroom and kitchen carpet it is very important that the base adheres well to the floor.

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In general, decorative carpets are an element that can contribute a lot to the interior design of our home. Having our style well defined and the measurements taken, we are sure that we will be able to find the perfect carpet for all the rooms in the house.