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The best trends in interior design in 2022

21 January, 2022 · Blog · Tags:

The beginning of a new year brings about certain changes in every aspect we can imagine. The world of interior design and decoration is not far behind, as it is a constantly moving sector. We know this very well as an renovations company in Grupo Inventia. Our professionals must be up to date with everything related to interior design and new decorative elements.

Thanks to this we can continue to be the leading interior design company in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings. Our projects are characterized by being customized and tailored to each client. For this it is very important to know each element of the interior design and to be able to offer all the possible alternatives.

tendencias interiorismo

In this way we will comment on what are the trends in interior design in 2022. It is presented as a year full of perfection for our home to offer us everything we need. The perfect combination of warm and welcoming environments that provide and offer a functional and effective use at all times.

Cozy environments

As for the interior design, one of the most chosen options is that of a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In other words, spaces that generate well-being and a real feeling of home. In this sense, contemporary interior design with neutral tones seems to remain one of the most effective decorative styles.

With this, one of the trends in interior design in 2022 will be to use colors such as white, beige, stoneware, etc. to paint the walls of the home. These are ideal shades to make the livingroom or bedrooms create an ideal atmosphere. Both for calm moments and for more relaxed ones.

At the interior design company in Barcelona Grupo Inventia we know this very well. This type of interior design is the most popular among homeowners who come to our offices to renovate their home. In addition to printing a simple and effective image in all spaces can also be decorated with a variety of styles.

Natural decoration

Everything points to these spaces of neutral interior design will be decorated with very specific elements in this 2022. Organic and natural decoration is the order of the day and aims to be one of the most used options to decorate the spaces of our home. From furniture to textiles, combining nature at home is one of the decorative trends of the year.

diseño interior hogar

As for textiles such as cushions, curtains, bedding, etc. earth colors are gaining weight. Now the shrill colors of the minimalist pop style are set aside for the organic to come to stay. Likewise, elements such as lamp strings or decorative fiber elements will be very present in current interior design trends.

To do this in Grupo Inventia we have the best professionals in the sector in a department specializing in interior decoration. The market is very wide and the possibilities are numerous. For this reason we have made a catalog full of options for the new decoration of your home. Both in functional decorative elements and in furniture for each space of the house.

Design in kitchen and bathrooms

In such important spaces as the kitchen and bathrooms, there will also be news in 2022. For them, tiled walls will be a trend and an image that had lost some strength will be recovered. At present the choice of paints seemed the right one, but the tiles return to stay.

Trends in interior design in 2022 bet on neutral tones as in the rest of the home. This generates a homogeneous image in the set of spaces. One detail to keep in mind is that the reliefs will be part of these tiles and the movement will be introduced in the interior design of the kitchen and bathrooms.

reforma cocina

On the other hand, the image of the hydraulic floor is placed as one of the first options for changing the pavement in these spaces. This is a finish that is already in use, but will now gain much more strength. In fact, it is a type of flooring that adds a lot of personality to the interior design and is also resistant and durable.

Interior design in Barcelona and surroundings

One more year in Grupo Inventia we follow the best trends in interior design and decoration. Our goal is to be able to offer you all the possible options for your new home. The experience and versatility of our professionals allow us to work with all kinds of decorative trends. In addition, we adapt to all budgets, always offering the best quality. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your quote without obligation.