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The choice of white bathroom

14 May, 2013 · Blog

An ideal choice for the design and decoration of bathroom is the introduction of white as the main color. White is a trend in interior bathrooms is always present and that this color can alternate with a long list of possibilities.

With white bath conveys a sense of purity and cleanliness. Achieved very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Another advantage is the ability to create white spaces illuminated and is a perfect solution to increase the feeling of space in small bathrooms.

White is a color that can be combined with a any other color. We can customize the design and decoration of our bathroom applying the combination of white with another color. We can create dynamic spaces if we combine white with a bright color and cheerful. Black is another option to combine white in the bathroom. With black or neutral tones we get stylish spaces for our bathroom.

In Grupo Inventia we have a team of interior designers that can advise on your bathrooms design. Contact us and we will help you to implement your own style in the bathroom.