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The excellent benefits of laminated parquet

12 June, 2015 · Blog

Within a integral reform takes into account many factors and elements, including the pavement. He has not been to downplay this aspect, because depending pavement we choose to place our home achieve our goals or not. That is, a pavement well combined with other elements can help achieve greater brightness, strength, amplitude, etc.

Of all the flooring on the market in Grupo Inventia We often tend to opt for laminated parquet, which is a type of flooring that offers excellent performance in many areas of the house.

Hall and common areas

The wider spaces of the house, such as livingroom, are ideal for installation of laminate parquet flooring. Trends continue in Group invention when performing a integral reform is to give these areas greater luminosity and spaciousness, as these are two features that create new wealth.

Therefore, neutral tones applied to the walls must accompany a good laminated parquet flooring. Thanks to the wide range that exists in this market, you can choose between different colors for our land, being recommended to those of a natural wood.

Care and cost

Besides the aesthetic benefits, the laminated parquet offers other features such as its cure. Unlike natural wood flooring, which needs more attention and special products for this, the laminated parquet can be cleaned easily.

Another advantage is its cost. Change the home ground always entails an outlay of money, but with laminated parquet worthwhile. Being much cheaper than natural wood, offers the same guarantees in strength and durability.

The combination of these two benefits will results in a pavement that will last many years, claims to have made a big investment.

Grupo Inventia pavements

Among all our services, Grupo Inventia offer a wide range of laminated parquet flooring, among which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. To do this, you just need to contact us.