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The keys to minimalist interior design

22 December, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

As a company specializing in interior design at Grupo Inventia, we offer all types of interior design projects. We have a department with interior designers specializing in the interior design of homes and commercial premises. Its versatility allows us to adapt to the different needs of homeowners interested in renovating their home.

To this is added the wide variety of possibilities we offer in terms of paintings, materials, flooring and all those details related to the image of a home. This time we would like to dwell on minimalist interior design. A type of image that fits very well with current times and offers many advantages when it comes to decorating spaces.

Its lines are as simple as they are effective when it comes to creating cozy spaces that are suitable for all types of moments. Minimalist interior design fits perfectly with a current lifestyle. Its linear and bright atmosphere is suitable for both family moments and dinners with friends.

Minimalist colors

As in all interior design, you have to stop at the colors that make the most of this particular style. The minimalist interior design stands out for using neutral tones and without too much stridency. The idea of linear and fluid spaces also goes through the tones that are used. In this case the color white will be the main protagonist.

Without going any further, white is the right color to make the most of natural light from the outside. Thanks to it, light can flow without hindrance and reach every corner of the house. In this way, spaces such as the livingroom or the bedrooms are presented as cozy and quiet places.

Obviously the colors of the minimalist interior design do not stay here. A common procedure is to combine the general white color with black details. For example in kitchen furniture, either on countertops or in the finishing of appliances. This contrast adds a lot of strength to the overall image and visually defines each space.

Integrated flooring

Speaking of the global image that must provide a minimalist interior design home we will stop at the pavement. In the same way that the color of the walls and the details are very well defined, the same thing happens with the pavement. The interior design sector offers us a wide variety to choose the right pavement.

interiorismo minimalista dormitorio

A floor that fits well with minimalist interior design should also be presented in neutral tones. It must have its share of prominence in the overall image of housing, but without standing out above other elements. This is one of the great virtues of minimalist spaces. They function as a joint environment and add detail to the overall.

Our experience and also the work we have done with this type of interior design allow us to establish which floor is the right one. The most common is to opt for a ceramic or stoneware floor with a soft shade of gray. It does not highlight how a hydraulic pavement could do it, although it defines very well the surface of the house and fits with the concept of minimalist image.

As we have mentioned there are other options. Continuing with the same shade, you can opt for an imitation parquet ceramic floor. In addition to enhancing this minimalist image, it will also bring the warmth of wood finishes. In any of the cases mentioned, it is a resistant and durable material.

Minimalist kitchen and bathroom

Minimalist interior design is not just for common spaces and in which it is carried out on a day-to-day basis. Like the rest of the decorative styles, it is also applicable to spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Two spaces designed to be practical and functional, although they are also the subject of decorative trends.

Black and white will also predominate in either. The possibilities of combining them are very wide as long as they follow the pattern that marks the minimalist image. In these cases, furniture with straight and harmonious lines with colors that generate a lot of brightness and visual breadth.

reforma integral

Interior design projects in Barcelona

Given the general keys to minimalist interior design, have you been convinced? For us, it is a type of interior design that brings great benefits to a home. If taken care of properly we will have calm and welcoming spaces. Living in them will be very simple and also beneficial for our mood.

At Grupo Inventia we carry out personalized and tailor-made interior design projects. We carry them out both for homes in the city of Barcelona and for those in nearby towns. If you think it is time to renew the image of your home and make it look the way you want, contact us. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and we will inform you without obligation of all the services we offer.