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The most functional hall furniture

28 February, 2024 · Blog

The hall of an apartment is the first impression visitors will have of your home, so it is important to design it in a functional and welcoming way. Even if it is a passage space, it must offer the best comforts and to achieve this there are key hall furniture. Whether it’s a large or small hall, the market offers you furniture for all kinds of needs.

It may be that for your hall you have to choose between one or another of the furniture that we will present below. From a hall cabinet, to a bench and through mirrors, we will show you functional hall furniture. These are some pieces of furniture that cannot be missing in the first space of your home.

muebles recibidor

Hanger and hangers

Having a free-standing hanger or piece of furniture with hooks is vital for the correct organization of the hall. It is a key space for you to hang your jackets, scarves or other items of clothing. It is advisable to have more hooks than you will use. This way visitors will also have space to hang their coats and bags.

Thanks to a hanging piece of furniture, they will achieve perfect organization, key to making a good impression when entering the house. In addition to its main function, you can opt for modern hall hangers with shelves. In this way you will gain space to place boxes or decorative elements.

Cobbler and bench

The most common gesture in a hall is to take off your shoes to put on your slippers. For this reason, the key piece of furniture in the hall is the cobbler. A functional piece of furniture that allows you to store and organize all your footwear. In addition, the market offers us a wide variety of shoe racks for the hall that can be adapted to the available space.

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A perfect addition to the cobbler furniture is a hall bench. It is a very useful mole that brings more comfort. In addition, it can be used by both adults and children, facilitating the work of changing shoes. If the hall in your home is small, you can always combine them in a cobbler bench.

Wall mirror

An element that guarantees the perfection of a hall is the mirror. As well as being the first thing you see when you enter your home, it’s also the last thing you see. This way you can see that the outfit you have chosen fits you before you leave the house. In addition, the hall mirror also contributes to generating more visual amplitude, it is ideal in small halls.

Among other hall furniture that you can place is the mid-height table or shelf. The purpose of this furniture is to have a practical surface to place items that you use on a daily basis. Among them the keys or the wallet, and also to place important items that you don’t have to forget such as, for example, letters.

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Functional hall furniture

These are some of the basic hall furniture that you can consider for your apartment. However, the choice of furniture will depend on the available space and your specific needs. It is important to maintain the balance between functionality and style to create a welcoming and practical hall.