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The personality of the hydraulic floor

18 March, 2019 · Blog

When addressing a house renovation, there are many details that must be taken into account and many elements that must be chosen. At Grupo Inventia we have specialized departments in kitchen renocvation, bathroom, interior design and all aspects that surround a house renovation.

One of them is pavement, a plot in which we also have the right professionals to guide the owners towards an optimal choice. In the wide range of pavements offered by the market, there is one that shines with its own light. We are referring to hydraulic floor.

This type of pavement is suitable for placing in any room, since its multiple drawings and colors to choose from, can be adapted to any interior design. However, one of the strong points of the hydraulic floor is the personality that contributes to the space in which it is placed. Here are some of the rooms in the house where the placement of a hydraulic floor becomes a great option.

Kitchen and bathrooms

Although, as we have mentioned, the hydraulic floor is a pavement that is suitable for any stay, the kitchen and the bathrooms are converted into two spaces where it is more common to see it. These are two rooms for daily use that always have the best conditions. The activities carried out in them are very important, so the maintenance and cleaning must be as accessible.

This is something that is achieved with the hydraulic floor, since its maintenance is simple. Having a minimum care and using quality products, cleaning this type of pavement will be very easy, since its smooth surface sweeps and cleans agile and will not take too long to keep up with daily tasks.

Interior design

In addition to its easy maintenance, the hydraulic floor also gives a plus to the interior design of the room in which it is placed. As we have said, the market offers a great fan both in drawings and colors, so guided by the right professionals, our lands will fit perfectly in the general environment of the home.

Pavements in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have a large selection of pavements, highlighting in parquet and hydraulic floor of all types of finishes. Contact us and our experts will advise you from the first day, offering the best solutions to all your needs.