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The trend of industrial style

2 May, 2013 · Blog · Tags:

The industrial style is another trend that is being followed in interior design and decoration. The ideas are based on the industrial style of the industrial past to create an environment in our home.

The main feature of the industrial style is adapting and airy open spaces. This style emerged because many antique shops and warehouses have been converted into homes while preserving much of its interior design.

In materials, materials used in this style as tough and heavy wood, brick or iron. It follows an ancient aesthetics of decoration items and may find outdoor pipes, beams and exposed brick walls as decorative elements. The purpose is to create an environment style industrial past with imperfections or damage decoration to simulate the passage of time. To use a chromatic color shades and cold blackouts.

The industrial style is an ideal solution for the design and decoration of loft apartments and small since it represents a style that allows care spaces in a correct and orderly.

If you’re thinking industrialize your home in Group Inventia advise a personalized interior design project tailored to the tastes and needs. Just contact us.