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Three ideas for a modern interior design in your home

3 November, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

As an renovation and interior design company in Grupo Inventia, we received many requests to improve the image of many homes. Our commitment to offer customized and tailored projects for each client is liked by all interested people. We work based on the tastes and needs of each individual, so unique interior design improvements are achieved.

Our interior design professionals advise clients in a personalized way. They are present in all meetings and accompany them to the showrooms with which we work directly. This way owners can know the pros and cons of each choice and decide based on expert feedback.

empresa reformas integrales

All the interior design projects we carry out have that personal peculiarity of each owner. Still we can establish that there is currently a widespread idea when choosing the new interior design of a home. A set of factors that come together with the aim of achieving a modern, current and, above all, welcoming image.

Neutral colors

One of the first steps to establishing a modern interior design in our home is to choose the right colors. Currently the colors most used to paint the walls of different spaces respond to the concept of neutral colors. This achieves ideal environments for a home that allow light to flow through them.

We talk about shades like white, beige, gray and the like. These are ideal colors to have the perfect atmosphere at all times. On the one hand, they allow you to print an energetic and vital image that is ideal for being with family and friends. In the same way they also apply a warm and welcoming atmosphere for moments of rest and more home.

This way we get multinational spaces ready to offer the best services at all times. Another advantage of these neutral colors, in addition to being perfect for a modern interior design, is that they are easy to combine with different decorative styles. In our interior design company we have a wide variety of home paints.

Bright and spacious spaces

Why opt for a modern interior design when renovating a home? The result is ideal for the concept of home that our customers need. In addition to the visual section discussed in the previous point, these neutral colors also influence the feeling that each space projects.

reformas integrales de casas

The choice of neutral colors to paint the walls of the home also responds to the need to create comfortable and pleasant environments. Colors such as white, beige and the others mentioned ensure that the light spreads throughout the house in a fluid and effective way. This enhances the feeling of light in spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms.

In this sense, this type of interior design can work in both small and large homes. Using these colors and adapting them to the available light also generates greater visual breadth. In this way, in small homes, large spaces are obtained that further benefit the comfort of the home.

Complementary elements

Although what has been described so far corresponds to the most practical part of modern interior design, there are other elements that we must integrate into the environment. One of the most important is the new flooring we choose for our home. The market offers us a wide variety of options and highly valid materials for it.

reformas integrales

However, in these cases, parquet flooring is usually the option that most homeowners opt for. Whether natural or laminate is the surface that best fits visually to a modern interior design. In addition, it is a resistant material and made with the aim of withstanding the passage of the years perfectly.

Other elements that are usually renewed in an interior design project are the doors. As with the flooring in our renovation company we have a wide variety of new doors for your home. All kinds of colors, finishes and designs to fit perfectly into the modern interior design that will be applied to the entire home.

Interior design company in Barcelona

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