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Three key elements for the new interior design of your home

15 December, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

What do you prefer in a house renovation, a default project or one in which all the details you need are applied? At Grupo Inventia we have always opted for this second option. For us, every interior design and renovation project must have those unique details that meet the requirements of those concerned.

That is why in our interior design company in Barcelona we have a wide range of options. In this way we can adapt to any decorative style that those interested in renovating their home need. We also work with proven brands in the market and guarantee the best qualities for your renovation.

Our interior design department is made up of interior designers with extensive professional experience. They are in charge of elaborating the projects based on the needs of each owner and of adjusting it to the maximum to the reality. They also offer personalized advice throughout the construction process.

With Grupo Inventia, an interior design and renovation project is as simple as we discussed in the following video we shared.

New colors

One of the first points to consider when establishing the new interior design of a home is to define the main colors. This is a very important detail, because based on them, great benefits can be achieved. The contemporary image is now widespread. Spacious and bright spaces that create very cozy environments.

Undoubtedly these are very timely and grateful features in a home, but how are they achieved? There is nothing better than neutral colors, those that are able to let light flow to every point of the house. We do not refer to shades such as beige or gray, without forgetting a safe and effective bet such as white.

reformas integrales de casas

With this type of finish we will achieve a modern and very pleasant interior design in any space of our home. In addition they will allow us to choose between a great variety of decorations, since it adapts very well to any style. In our interior design company we have a very wide catalog of paintings and the experience of being able to advise you on your choice.

Functional doors and windows

Other elements that will have a great importance in the new interior design of our home are the doors and windows. If we want to print our style to our home we must make a complete change. Currently the market offers a wide range of doors and windows with various colors and finishes. With the advice of Grupo Inventia’s interior designers in Barcelona, it will be very easy to make the right choice.

Under the premise of a contemporary interior design, the white doors are placed at the head of the most chosen. While wood-finish doors will always come with us, there is a growing commitment to different and unique options. In the same way, new options are also proposed, such as sliding doors. These allow you to make the most of the space and are an excellent choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

For its part, the windows currently accept little discussion. 95% of the interior design projects in Barcelona that we carry out are chosen with aluminum and double glazed carpentry windows. The good thermal and acoustic insulation they offer is a key factor when choosing them. From there there are different options such as sliding windows, casement windows, etc.

puertas blancas

Parquet and ceramic floors

If there is one element of the interior design of a home that must be chosen precisely it is the pavement. At Grupo Inventia we have a wide variety of floors. From natural or laminate flooring to hydraulic floors, as well as ceramic surfaces. In a current interior design project, laminate flooring is usually the most popular.

It is a resistant, durable material that provides the image of warmth that is presupposed on parquet floors. Similarly, hydraulic floors are very well received in spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Being rooms for daily use require a durable surface and easy maintenance.

cocinas barcelona

Another option that is gaining strength in the last part of the year is the imitation ceramic parquet flooring. This can be placed throughout the house and provide the beautiful image offered by the wood finishes. Like laminate flooring, one of its advantages is that we can choose both the color and the pattern of the wood.

Interior design projects in Barcelona

When facing an interior design project for the new image of the home, there are several issues to consider. Three of them are key and the ones we have discussed in this text. In the interior renovation company Grupo Inventia we have a wide variety of all of them. In addition to the suitable professionals to get the best result. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your project and the information you need without obligation.