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Tips for achieving kitchen storage capacity

24 November, 2023 · Blog

The kitchen is a key space in every home. In addition to being the area where we prepare our daily meals, it is increasingly a space for socializing. Open kitchens, breakfast bars have helped make the kitchen integrate with the rest of the rooms. That’s why having storage capacity in the kitchen is vital.

Organizations in a kitchen are very important to generate a comfortable atmosphere with a sense of order. To achieve a good storage capacity in the kitchen there are several options and we will share the best ones. Taken as a whole, kitchen storage is essential for keeping your utensils, food and other essentials organized.

almacenamiento de cocina

Practical organization

Kitchen storage should help you organize all kinds of items in your kitchen. A good way to do this is to group together similar kitchen utensils and place them together for easy access. This way you will know where each kitchen utensil is at the exact moment you need it.

In addition to the standard storage in your kitchen, you can consider other options to create more storage space in the kitchen. A good option is to use additional shelves to make the most of the vertical space in the cabinets. This way you can manage to create more space to store other kitchen products.

almacenamiento de cocina pared

As a complement to the drawers and cabinets of the kitchen furniture, you can also use other areas of the kitchen. Take advantage of the walls to hang pans, pots, utensils and cups. This frees up space in the cupboards and makes it easier to access these items. A great choice for those kitchen utensils you use daily. In the same line, you can install magnetic bars to hang knives and metal utensils.

Functional furniture and hidden spaces

In addition to the main piece of furniture, there is other complementary furniture that can favor kitchen storage. Among the options that the market offers us, consider the possibility of using kitchen furniture that has built-in storage functions. For example, tables with drawers or kitchen islands with additional shelves.

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of hidden spaces to get more space to store utensils and products. An excellent idea is to use the space under the sink to store cleaning products and garbage bags. At the same time, install hooks on the back of the doors to hang utensils or kitchen towels.

Kitchen shelves

When setting up kitchen storage, walls also play a vital role. Install floating shelves or racks on the wall to store plates, cups and other kitchen utensils. It is an effective solution that fits into all types of kitchens, especially smaller ones.

Kitchen storage ideas

Here are some ideas to achieve a neat and well-organized kitchen. Currently the market offers us all kinds of resources to create kitchen storage. You are sure to find the one that best suits your needs.