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Travel back in time with a vintage bedroom

30 April, 2015 · Blog

Currently have a myriad of styles to decorate our home or any term of it: the modern, minimalist oriental style, etc. We have at our disposal proposal so that sometimes we do not know what to choose.

For this reason, from Grupo Inventia will present one decorating style, one that is booming and many people have adopted as a way of life, we talk about vintage style. In this case we will focus on how to decorate a bedroom using this style.

The adjective vintage s’ho we give those pieces that are not part of the present time, they were used formerly and now recycle, without changing their use. A comfortable will be a comfortable way.

To provide a vintage style to your bedroom is important to bear in mind the look of furniture, including bedside or comfortable. The ideal is that these particular elements are going to play because the room will look more robust. Why do we say this? For the second characteristic that should have furniture. The vintage style is to use feature dark wood furniture such as walnut, cherry or mahogany. As darker, more feeling old.

As a final indication in this respect in furniture can be painted some roses. Although the vintage touch would be assured, this will decide the personality of each.

Following the cabinet would be good that the bed was also similar with regard to form and color. More specifically, our vintage style bed to be crowned by several cushions and pillows and duvet covered by a bulky because pomposity is a key element.

Once ready the above, let’s walls. This issue has to be careful because the vintage style was full of decorations and not want to create a climate very distressing. You can choose to paint the walls white and beige tones would go well, or put some kind of wall with a Victorian pattern. What you should not miss our vintage bedroom is a mirror on our comfortable. To go well, this should be an oval, also being recommended that the framework keeps a certain resemblance to the rest of the furniture of the room.

Given our room almost complete, just missing the little details which shows our personality. In this section, the boxes are highly recommended and can be printed with flowers. Another element that will give a clear vintage style to your bedroom are wicker baskets, not to mention a glass jar of perfume, for example.

Since Grupo Inventia we always like to give you advice so you can decorate and dress your home, but sometimes you have to go further. If you need personal advice please contact us. Our designers you hear and find the best solution for your case.