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Trends to decorate a living room

19 November, 2014 · Blog

In every room of the house, the living room is particularly important being the place where socialize more, either with their own family or receive visits. Given that, from the department of interior design of Grupo Inventia we would like to tell you some of the latest trends to decorate a living room.

To decorate a living room there are several aspects to consider, ranging from the color used for the walls and objects, items of furniture or distribution. One of the starting points when decorating a living room is to be borne in mind that this is a stay which has been transmitted to breathe comfort and a welcoming atmosphere.

Neutral shades

In the section of the colors to be used to decorate a living room, the more neutral tones are recommended. These tones, which can include white, beige or even gray are the best option for generating a feeling of spaciousness stay as they are colored, with natural light, create a more welcoming environment.

The tone you choose to paint the walls should be taken into account when deciding on the color of other items such as curtains, sofa or shelves, for example.

Indispensable forniture

Apart from the visual image of the room is also very important to their equipment. In this aspect, the furniture is very important to decorate a living room. Besides the furniture we use to put our body, storage items are also very important in terms of maintaining order the stay.

Be deemed a living room is well equipped if you have a sofa, which can stick to the wall to make more space. In recent years, it is also essential to decorate a living room, a coffee table. Thanks to this item, we can make use of the most enjoyable stay.

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