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Trunks as decoration

1 October, 2015 · Blog

The department of interior design of Grupo Inventia always try to give you good advice and ideas to decorate your home. In so close that we or any current or any decorative element, because in this world of overnight style can become a big trend.

In this case we want to give ourselves some decorating ideas using something we all know and that fits into any design, this is the logs. This element has countless applications and the results obtained with their use are really original and very cared for.

In the livingroom

How can we fit a wooden trunks in the livingroom as a stay? Very simple, because you only need to have clear ideas and, of course, get the trunk suitable for you comment below.

One thing that can be phenomenal in the room hung a small to medium trunk on the wall. First we have to find the perfect tree and then prepare lijándolo to remove impurities and by applying varnish antitèrmits (very important).

With a few simple wires we put our trunk wall giving a very personal to our room. If we go further, we can roll type Christmas lights around her.

In the bedroom

We could make the above the bedroom? Of course, but for this stay we thought something better because we use a trunk as bedside tables!

In this case we have a wide but low rise trunk, as should be the same level as our head when we’re in bed. The steps also would have a good polish and protective coat of varnish. If we go further, with the right tools can make a drawer, something that our decoration rounded logs.

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